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dating after retirement

Navigating Relationship Dynamics after Retirement

Hello, sexplorers!  Dr. Patti Britton here, inviting you on a playful yet profoundly transformative adventure. Today, we’re unpacking the
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Exploring Sensuality

Exploring Sensuality: Beyond the Physical to Emotional and Spiritual Intimacy

Welcome, explorers of intimacy! I’m Dr. Patti Britton, the Mother of Sex Coaching. Today’s voyage is a special one.
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Navigating the Dating Scene After Loss or Divorce

Loss or divorce can leave a void in your life that feels insurmountable, and the idea of re-entering the
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Sexual Positions for Aging Bodies

Are you looking to maintain the sizzle in your romantic life but find that some of the old moves
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alt: couple trying morning ritual

Morning Rituals to Kick Start Your Day with Love

Do you ever feel that your mornings are a blur of rushing around, trying to get out the door?
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alt: couple trying Romantic Micro-Moments

Romantic Micro-Moments: Seizing Opportunities for Connection in a Busy Life

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, carving out quality time for romance often seems daunting. But who
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alt: couple trying Non-Sexual Intimacy

The Art of Touch: Non-Sexual Intimacy in a Sexless Marriage

Intimacy is not confined to the bedroom; it exists in various forms and can flourish in the simplest of
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alt: couple rediscovering romance

Rediscovering Romance: A Guide for Long-Married Couples to Keep the Spark Alive

Growing older together doesn’t mean the spark in your relationship has to fizzle out! After many years of marriage,
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Help! I’ve Never Had an Orgasm

Ever been so close to that mind-blowing climax, only to be left hanging? If you’re nodding or feeling frustrated,
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Finding Private Time for Uninterrupted Sex

Looking to find that elusive private time for intimacy? I’m here to help you unlock the secrets of carving
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Rediscovering Intimacy After Mastectomy

Breast cancer and mastectomy can deeply impact your sense of self and sexuality. But here’s the truth: you can
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Breaking the Silence: The Real Impact of a Sexless Marriage

Are you trapped in a sexless marriage, yearning for intimacy and connection? Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re
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crying during sex

The Beauty of Crying After Sex: Embracing Your Emotional Release

Sexual release can be a profoundly emotional experience for some of us. As we engage in sexual activity, our
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Erotic Dreams

Understanding and Embracing Your Erotic Dreams

Have you ever had an erotic dream about someone of the same sex, even if you identify as heterosexual?
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make-up sex

Make-up Sex, Dirty Talk and More: Tips for Hotter Sex with an Ex

Make-up sex can be incredibly hot and hard to resist. Just look at this email I recently received from
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Feeling Undesired

Feeling Undesired at Home: A Sex Coach’s Perspective

Feeling undesired in a long-term relationship is a common issue that many couples face. If you’re reading this, chances
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Sexual frequency

Sexual Frequency in Marriages Over 50

As a sex coach with decades of experience, I’m often asked about sexual frequency in marriages. One question repeatedly
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Healing after infidelity

Healing After Infidelity

Infidelity can be a devastating blow to any relationship, leaving partners wondering how to move forward and rebuild trust.
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stronger orgasms

How to Have Stronger Orgasms

Are you tired of chasing the elusive ‘Big O’ and never quite reaching that peak of pleasure? Well, fear
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sexual flush

Understanding Sexual Flush

Have you ever experienced a sudden rush of heat and redness during or after sex? Don’t worry; it’s probably
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Dr. Patti is the featured sex coach by Oprah! …Happy Holidays!!!!

In the November-December issue of "O" magazine the cover says,  "There's a coach for that!" -- Dr. Patti, was
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