The Art of Touch: Non-Sexual Intimacy in a Sexless Marriage

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Intimacy is not confined to the bedroom; it exists in various forms and can flourish in the simplest of interactions. One form of intimacy that is often overlooked, especially in sexless marriages, is non-sexual touch. I’m Dr. Patti Britton, Mother of Sex Coaching, and today, I’m going to share the art of touch and how it can work wonders in cultivating closeness and connection.


Why Non-Sexual Touch Matters


Non-sexual touch has the power to create a profound connection between two people. It communicates love, builds trust, and fosters a sense of safety and belonging. In a sexless marriage, it becomes even more critical, acting as a bridge that connects two hearts and encourages emotional intimacy.


Exploring Different Forms of Non-Sexual Touch


There are countless ways to incorporate non-sexual touch into your daily routines. A warm hug before leaving for work, a gentle stroke of your partner’s hair as you watch TV together, a reassuring squeeze of their hand when they’re stressed– these small gestures make a big difference.


Creating a Culture of Touch


Creating a culture of touch starts with open communication. Talk to your partner about the types of non-sexual touch they find comforting and enjoyable. Set a ‘touch goal’ for each day–it could be as simple as hugging each other for a full minute every morning.


Understanding the Boundaries


Not every touch leads to a sexual encounter, and that’s okay. It’s crucial to respect your partner’s boundaries and understand that non-sexual touch aims to foster connection and intimacy, not to coerce or pressure into sexual activity.


The Healing Power of Touch


Touch has a magical healing power. It releases oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone,’ which helps reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness and trust. Don’t underestimate the potential of a warm, loving touch to heal emotional wounds and rekindle connection.


Embracing Touch in Everyday Life


Incorporating touch into your daily life is easier than you think. Offering to massage your partner’s shoulders after a long day, holding hands while you take a walk, or simply placing your hand over theirs during a quiet moment can reinforce your bond.


As you embark on this journey, remember that the goal isn’t to fix a sexless marriage overnight but to build a foundation of non-sexual intimacy. Exploring the art of touch allows you to deepen your connection with your partner. It creates a relationship that’s rich in love and understanding, even in the absence of sexual intimacy. Give the gift of touch and let it work its magic on your relationship.


If you’d like extra support on this journey, I invite you to initiate the process for a no-obligation sex coaching intake call with me. If our coaching chemistry aligns, we can delve into your specific requirements and work together to enrich your sexual connection.

Rediscovering Romance: A Guide for Long-Married Couples to Keep the Spark Alive

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Growing older together doesn’t mean the spark in your relationship has to fizzle out! After many years of marriage, it’s not uncommon for couples to find themselves in a rut. But don’t fret– I’m Dr. Patti Britton, Mother of Sex Coaching, and I’m here to add fireworks to your love life! 


Make Date Nights a Priority


Remember the early days when you’d go on dates and couldn’t wait to learn everything about each other? Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that romance has to go on the back burner. I suggest you schedule regular date nights–and don’t just settle for the clichéd dinner and a movie! Get creative: go on a moonlit picnic, try a cooking class together, or revisit your first date spot. It’s all about sharing experiences and making new memories.


Surprises Keep the Spark Alive


The power of a sweet surprise should never be underestimated. Leave a loving note in their lunch box, send a flirty text in the middle of the day, or prepare their favorite meal out of the blue. These small gestures of love can reignite the spark and make your partner feel valued and adored.


Embrace Adventure Together


There’s something exciting about stepping out of your comfort zone as a couple. Go on a road trip to a place you’ve never been, try a new outdoor sport, or book that skydiving experience you’ve always talked about. Sharing an adrenaline rush can bring you closer and keep the excitement in your relationship alive.


Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More


Communication is the lubricant of any successful relationship. Open up about your dreams, fears, and fantasies. Engage in deep and meaningful conversations that go beyond the everyday humdrum of life. Remember, your partner is not just your lover but also your confidante.


The Power of Touch


A touch can speak volumes when words fall short. Cuddling on the couch while watching your favorite show, holding hands during a walk, or giving a goodnight kiss—these small moments of physical connection can bring you closer and reignite the passion.


Laugh Together


Laughter is the best (and the sexiest) medicine. Remember, growing older doesn’t mean growing serious. Be silly, share jokes, and never miss an opportunity to make your partner chuckle. Shared laughter is a secret ingredient to a long-lasting and spark-filled relationship.


Practice Gratitude


In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to take each other for granted. Take a moment every day to appreciate your partner, say thank you for the little things they do, and make them feel cherished.


As you navigate the golden years together, remember love is a journey, not a destination. Keeping the spark alive isn’t about grand gestures or expensive gifts but the daily moments of connection, intimacy, and shared joy. So go ahead, add that sizzle back into your relationship, and rediscover the romance!


Interested in embarking on a personalized romance journey? I invite you to take the first step and initiate the process for a complimentary sex coaching intake call with me. If we find that we’re a good match, we can work together to tailor strategies that cater to your unique needs, to elevate your sexual experiences.