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Welcome to my world! I am so happy that you are here. I have been a clinical sexologist for over 4 decades and I founded the profession of sex coaching in 1993. It has been my life’s passion to assist people to find a pathway to their sexual fulfillment, to heal their sexual wounding, and to discover their full sexual potential, with an emphasis on pleasure and enhancement. I use a holistic, non-medicalizing, depathologizing, sexually-affirming approach in all of my work. I love to help my clients by digging deep into the how’s without spending years on probing the why’s. I love my work, my clients, my students and speaking my truth wherever that leads me. Right into your heart, I hope!

Here is how to work with me. There are three different ways: Be coached by me; be trained by me; or at an in-person or virtual event. I am here for them all, with planning and based on my availability. So get prepared to grow, stretch, and, yes, to have fun! 


Lifting you to new heights of sexual ecstasy by unearthing the depths of your full sexual potential using my MEBES© Signature System.

  • Fast paced and personalized approach
  • Targeted to your unique needs
  • Based on the Britton MEBES © Signature System for results that last
  • Guiding you to Sexual Self Realization and more...

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Guiding you to become a safe, competent, compassionate container for your clients' needs for them to heal, grow, and expand into optimal sexual wellness.

  • The leading edge in sexology, coaching, and business training
  • Evidence-informed teaching
  • Professional development by the “Mother of Sex Coaching” herself
  • Online, self-paced learning in a safe container
  • Global, cross-cultural community of support and networking

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My events will shatter the way you’ve been thinking and feeling about sexuality and transform your perception of what is possible...

  • Professional training intensives
  • Personal growth retreats
  • VIP days with me at selected venues
  • Live media events
  • Delicious surprise adventures

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Praise From Clients

Dr. Patti encourages an open environment in which I can discuss my insecurities, which have often been very difficult to express to others. She is compassionate and works with me in a non-judgmental way to confront my issues, whether they are physical or psychological. Ultimately, she strives to help me become a better lover - emotionally, romantically, and physically.
Alex USA
Sometimes we forget how much we have been through in the life and let the stress and worrisome insecurities take charge! After our session, I let go of a lot of negative energy and refocused what is the good and the need at the current moment. Thank you, Dr. Patti for keeping me on the right track of positive and powerful thinking and acting on it! I love you!
Darlene USA
Frustrated, alone, desperate, and depressed, I reached out to Dr. Patti! Peeling the multiple layers of my stifling religious past and the emotional disconnection from my sexualality, Dr. Patti started healing them one by one. She opened up boxes that were never explored, released all the feelings of embarrassment, and encouraged a sense of freedom and intimacy that I didn't know was possible. All of the fear around sex went right out the window! Thank you Dr. Patti for saving my marriage and teaching me how to appreciate my sexuality!
Rene USA
I started working with Dr. Patti because I desired a more exciting sex life. I had mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks around sex. Other healing outlets I tried, such as therapy, failed to provide the results I was seeking. During the first five minutes of my first session with Dr. Patti I knew I had found my coach and guide for this period of self-discovery. Her unique approach tied together science, emotional intelligence, intuition, and spirituality. It was something I had never seen before, but was confident it was exactly what I needed to heal.
Chelsea USA

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My Creativity Kitchen

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I know. You think I’m going to share sensual aphrodisiac recipes, right? Nope. Welcome to the inside of my Creativity Kitchen, my special happy place where I’ll be cooking up new projects. Maybe it’s the next chapter in the trilogy of narrative memoir books that I’m working on about my life as a sexdoc. Or maybe it’s a new Sexy Single Seniors story about Boomer dating forays. Or a new art project (yes, I paint!) or spicy photo essays and tales from my global travels. I’ll be revealing one by one what’s new in the Creativity Kitchen—and I want you to be the first to have a taste!

  •  Art projects
  •  Stories
  •  Book chapters
  •  Essays
  •  Brain teasers 
  •  Think pieces
  •  Games or puzzles
  •  Guess again

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