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Break Through Your Sexual Roadblocks

Gain Confidence
Eliminate body and sexual shame for good! Feel safe and comfortable in moments of intimacy. Discover why sexual confidence is the key to an amazing sex life and how to achieve it. Hover for more info.
Gain Confidence
Once you master your thoughts and stop their disabling sexual patterns, you will feel a huge rise in self's quite literally a 'game changer'.
Experience Deep Connection
It's no secret that a healthy sex life is essential for happy, long-lasting relationships. If your relationship or marriage has lost its spark, a simple shift in perspective and behavior can easily bring it back. With professional guidance, experiencing that shift can occur faster than most people think... Hover for more info.
Experience Deep Connection
Removing sexual blockages results in greater intimacy and a true loving connection with a partner and with oneself.
Reach Heightened Pleasure
Whether you're struggling from sexual dysfunction or looking to get your groove back, sex coaching can help you find your mojo. Conquering the 'psychology of sex' is the key to experiencing maximum pleasure and highest intimacy potential. Hover for more info.
Experience Heightened Pleasure
You can learn how to feel better about sex than ever expected and find pathways to elevate your true pleasure potential in a short amount of time.

The Founder of Sex Coaching

A Pioneer Sexologist with a Passion

With over 35 years of experience and pedigreed credentials as a Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Educator, Dr. Patti Britton has built a reputation as a pioneer of sex coaching. Her methodologies for helping individuals and couples achieve their desired sexual potential are well known among professionals in her industry. As co-founder of SexCoachU, she has trained hundreds of sex coaches throughout the world, spreading her groundbreaking approach to sexual healing. Dr. Patti’s work has been featured on national TV programs, such as The Montel Show, Hard Copy, CNBC, and CBS News. ran a feature article about how “Dr. Patti Britton Combines Sexology and Business Training to Empower a New Generation of Sex Coaches.

Her powerful in-person training events were featured in another article, “Dr. Patti Britton Leads Advanced Training Retreats for Sexologists & Mental Health Professionals.

She raised the bar in her field when she published the first book on Sex Coaching, entitled “The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice.”

While her methods and unique approach have developed into training other sex coaches, Dr. Patti’s true passion lies in working with individuals and couples to achieve their sexual goals. Whether it’s a desire to heal sexual dysfunction, overcome shame, or deepen an intimate connection, Dr. Patti is at right at home with finding the solution.

Here’s What Satisfied Clients Have to Say

  • Dr. Patti encourages an open environment in which I can discuss my insecurities, which have often been very difficult to express to others.  She is compassionate and works with me in a non-judgmental way to confront my issues, whether they are physical or psychological.  Ultimately, she strives to help me become a better lover - emotionally, romantically, and physically.

    Alex J Los Angeles, CA
  • Frustrated, alone, desperate, and depressed, I reached out to Dr. Patti! Peeling the multiple layers of my stifling religious past and the emotional disconnection from my sexualality, Dr. Patti started healing them one by one. She opened up boxes that were never explored, released all the feelings of embarrassment, and encouraged a sense of freedom and intimacy that I didn't know was possible. All of  the fear around sex went right out the window! Thank you Dr. Patti for saving my marriage and teaching me how to appreciate my sexuality!

    Rene M Los Angeles, CA
  • Sometimes we forget how much we have been through in the life and let the stress and worrisome insecurities take charge! After our session, I let go of a lot of negative energy and refocused what is the good and the need at the current moment. Thank you, Dr. Patti for keeping me on the right track of positive and powerful thinking and acting on it! I love you!

    Darlene Texas, USA

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