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Sexual Frequency in Marriages Over 50

Sexual frequency

As a sex coach with decades of experience, I’m often asked about sexual frequency in marriages. One question repeatedly arises: “How often do 50-year-old married couples make love?”

I spoke about this in an article for Age Times recently.

It’s a common misconception that sex stops being necessary after a certain age. Still, sexual expression can be just as fulfilling and necessary at age 50 as at age 20. However, the frequency of sex can vary significantly from couple to couple, depending on various factors such as health, work schedules, and communication.

If you find yourself in a sexless marriage, know that you’re not alone.

Many couples go through periods where sex takes a backseat to other responsibilities. Still, it’s important to remember that a fulfilling sex life is vital to a healthy relationship.

So, how often should you be having sex?

The answer is simple: no “right” or “wrong” amount exists. Some couples may make love several times a week, while others may be content with once a month or even less. What’s most important is that you are both on the same page and feel satisfied with the frequency and quality of your sexual interactions.

If you’re in a sexless marriage and feeling stuck, addressing the underlying issues contributing to your lack of intimacy is essential. This could include communication breakdowns, resentment, boredom, or health issues.

Seeking the guidance of a certified sex coach can be tremendously helpful in navigating these challenges and finding ways to reignite the spark in your relationship.

Remember, sexuality is vital to your overall well-being, and it’s never too late to start exploring and experimenting.

Keep yourself sexually alive throughout your lifetime, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

With a little bit of patience, communication, and creativity, you and your partner can enjoy a fulfilling and exciting sex life, regardless of your age or relationship status.

Are you ready to take your sex life to the next level? What’s one new thing you can try with your partner to reignite the spark in your relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going!

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