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Professional Trainings from America’s Foremost Sexologist and Sex Coach

For most of my career, I have been leading cutting-edge professional trainings around the world. I have offered targeted trainings for other professionals in clinical sexology, organizational leadership, sexuality education, Train-the-Trainer, business success, coaching and more. Training is one of my greatest passions.

Keep Clients
In Your Practice

By becoming trained as a specialist in sexology, you will be able to develop and expand your practice. Improve the care received by your clients, while simultaneously growing your business.

Grow Your Business

By adding Sex Coaching or Clinical Sexology to your list of credentials and certifications, prospective clients are more likely to work with you—especially if they are seeking help in multiple areas.

Become a Leader
In Your Field

If you are practicing in a field that is saturated with general practitioners (i.e., Psychotherapy or Counseling), obtaining certifications in sexology is the best way to distinguish yourself in a crowded industry.

Choose Your Career Pathway

Here are three different ways to get trained by me:

Become a Certified Sex Coach ~ Sex Coach U: The World’s Original Training by Dr. Patti, the Pioneer of the Profession

Embrace the 5 Cs: Caring, compassionate, competent, container for clients’ needs

Effectively apply the MEBES© Signature System for all sexual concerns

Get the credentials you need in the worldwide marketplace with this fully online self-paced training

Discover how to answer your calling to serve others with sexuality-related issues

Find your global community of peers and network for the greater good

Grow yourself along the journey

Master knowledge and skills within sexology, coaching, and integrated sex coaching

Empower your passion to fulfill your life’s goals and visions

Become a Business Success ~ BOSS: Business of Sexuality Specialists

Learn what it takes to make a business successful

Tackle the biggest challenges that sexuality professional entrepreneurs face

Create the business model of your greatest hopes and dreams

Manifest your calling into a full spectrum business that works for you and your clients

Honor the process of mastery in the company of your peers

Soar to heights you never imagined before possible

Find satisfaction, wealth, growth and peace as you serve yourself and others

Become a knowledgeable and competent Sexologist ~ Clinical Sexology: Online and In-Person Courses

Learn the in-depth basics of sexology as a professional in the field

Find the missing pieces of what your other trainings never taught you

Understand the full complement of what you need to know and do as a sexuality specialist

Discover how to integrate clinical sexology into your existing practice and skills base

Uplevel your current business to include sexuality as a component of your offerings

Find the joy of holistic sexological work for the people you serve

Develop practical applications that work for your clinical settings

Yearly and ad hoc in-person retreats let you boost your sexological acumen and allow you to experience life-changing, intensified personal growth. (link to LIVE or EVENTS)

And, if one-to-one consultation is what you need, you can work with me in this way:

Mentorship/Supervision and Group Coaching Opportunities

Often I am asked to assist psychotherapists, counselors, sex educators, social workers, medical care specialists, life coaches, spiritual guides, or holistic practitioners to help them with client cases where sexuality is the issue. I love providing case consultations and guidance for professionals who feel “stuck,” unsure, or who lack ample sexological skills to help their clients. If this is you, ask me to provide you with case consultation or mentorship to grow your practice in sexology.

Dr. Patti in black hat 1

As a successful, globally recognized, sexological entrepreneur and Conscious Business Owner with years of expertise and success in creating or running my own businesses, I can offer you assistance in how to succeed in your own business. If you need a total overhaul, just need some tweaking, or if you are looking for that singular Business Guru to lead the way, ask me! My passion is to serve my peers!

Uplevel your current business to include sexuality as a component of your offerings

Sexuality case consultation 1:1

Group coaching on clients’ sexological issues

Group coaching for business knowledge and skills development for success

Group coaching on clients’ sexological issues

Spot coaching sessions on various topics

Ongoing mentorship for sexuality related cases

Ongoing mentorship for business growth and success strategies

Specific requests for consultation for media, for writers, or others seeking high level sexological input

Pricing determined on a case-by-case basis. To book a consultation, contact me.

Take Your PracticeTo the Next Level

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Praise From Students

Arely Favela
My experience at Sex Coach U has been intense. It opened up my mind to places that I have never explored inside myself. I became not only a strong Sex Coach but an even stronger human being with a lot more respect towards others than ever. THANK YOU DR. PATTI AND HER TEAM!
Arely Favela USA
Rebecca Mattas
Becoming a Certified Sex Coach has been the most incredible, intense, transforming and rewarding challenge of my life! I am grateful to Dr. Patti and Dr. Janet for the love, support and patience that they gave me throughout this journey.
Rebecca Mattas USA
Englebert Beck, Hungary
I am overwhelmed about the energy and the good vibes you invest to make us good sex coaches. I love the new curriculum setup, the bookclub and community you created. The value I get from being an SCU student is so much more than what our tuition fee covers. I love being an SCU student and being part of your community. Wishing you all the best our planet has you to offer!
Englebert Beck Hungary
Doris Micheletti
Training to becoming a Certified Sex Coach has been such an educational and pivotal part of my growth as a person. What fell into my lap has been nothing but pure magic from the start. Under the tutelage of Dr. Patti and Dr. Celina, I have grown both as a human being, and as a sexologist.
Doris Micheletti USA & Italy
LeKeisha Marquis Jones
I got more than just training as a Sex coach -- I got a life experience that transformed me in my way of thinking and way of being. This program made me into more than a sexpert -- it made me a better human being. I am not the same human being I was prior to starting this program and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Patti! I now work with sex trafficking victims as a result of this training!
LeKeisha Marquis Jones USA
Robert Johnson
As a graduate of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), I was very particular about selecting a sex coaching course of study that was not the typical Internet course without bonafide credentials. SCU not only filled the bill, but the program, instructors and comprehensive coursework provided in-depth academic lessons, practical applications and expert knowledge in a fun course that at the same time challenges and instructs for those really serious about sexology as a profession. It's obvious that Dr. Patti and her staff care deeply about their students and helping them become successful in their own practices.
Robert Johnson USA

Intuitive Guidance

  • Gain from my own unique gift of reading energies,
  • Follow me “outside the box” of traditional, medically-based methods for sex therapy and
  • Reach your innermost truths.

Behvaior Training

  • Work with a global resource directory of like-minded experts
  • Obtain guidance and support along the way of your sexual healing process
  • Ultimately live fully as your authentic sexual self and
  • Know what it’s like to reach maximal sexual satisfaction.

Resource Management

  • Work with a global resource directory of like-minded experts
  • Obtain guidance and support along the way of your sexual healing process
  • Ultimately live fully as your authentic sexual self and
  • Know what it’s like to reach maximal sexual satisfaction.