The Adventures of Her in France

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HER is the charming tale of a happy, sexy woman-of-the-world, and her adventures in the art of love. HER is the “Wonder Woman” of eroticism, showing how women may determine the course of their own sexual destiny. HER’s numerous erotic adventures send chills up our spines — from Goddess rituals, forbidden sex, and mysticism, to time travel and personal transformation. HER’s adventures are highlighted in original art throughout the book. As Xaviera Hollander (of Happy Hooker fame) puts it, “A woman-friendly book charged with sensuality and adventures…the new Emanuelle for this Millennium” and as Dr. Joy Davidson (Men’s Fitness and Playgirl columnist) writes: “Awash in the romance and luster of Provence, HER is a betwitching, courageous ode to the powers of sexual freedom and surrender and an inspiration to every woman who seeks to set her own erotic spirit free.”