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Special Offer

If you’re longing to fulfill your partner’s fantasies of ultimate bliss and have her writhing in ecstasy, you will love my eBook, “For Her Pleasure!” In it, I share tips and secrets sure to engage all of her senses and heighten her pleasure. You’ll both be so glad you found this today!

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Why you should read this book and what you can get out of it…

You will discover the 6 Golden Rules of sexual union that are sure to ignite her fire and take you both on a sensual adventure.

You will learn how an exchange of sacred sexual devotion can elevate your sexual enjoyment.

You will learn how sex and spirit intersect and how to achieve divine sexual communion.

You will learn how to honor your partner as your sacred beloved.

You will understand why helping her come first is so important for evoking ecstasy for both of you.

You will discover how these practices can help you and your partner to grow closer, with an ever-deepening intimacy and unbreakable bond.

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"How to approach her, honor her, light her fire, and still beg for more!..."

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Praise From Clients

Dr. Patti encourages an open environment in which I can discuss my insecurities, which have often been very difficult to express to others. She is compassionate and works with me in a non-judgmental way to confront my issues, whether they are physical or psychological. Ultimately, she strives to help me become a better lover - emotionally, romantically, and physically.
Alex USA
Sometimes we forget how much we have been through in the life and let the stress and worrisome insecurities take charge! After our session, I let go of a lot of negative energy and refocused what is the good and the need at the current moment. Thank you, Dr. Patti for keeping me on the right track of positive and powerful thinking and acting on it! I love you!
Darlene USA
Frustrated, alone, desperate, and depressed, I reached out to Dr. Patti! Peeling the multiple layers of my stifling religious past and the emotional disconnection from my sexualality, Dr. Patti started healing them one by one. She opened up boxes that were never explored, released all the feelings of embarrassment, and encouraged a sense of freedom and intimacy that I didn't know was possible. All of the fear around sex went right out the window! Thank you Dr. Patti for saving my marriage and teaching me how to appreciate my sexuality!
Rene USA
I started working with Dr. Patti because I desired a more exciting sex life. I had mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks around sex. Other healing outlets I tried, such as therapy, failed to provide the results I was seeking. During the first five minutes of my first session with Dr. Patti I knew I had found my coach and guide for this period of self-discovery. Her unique approach tied together science, emotional intelligence, intuition, and spirituality. It was something I had never seen before, but was confident it was exactly what I needed to heal.
Chelsea USA