Sex Coaching

You have a right to sexual wellness, pleasure, and joy. Together we’ll resolve the obstacles so you can embrace your authentic sexual self.


Sex Coaching

You have a right to sexual wellness, pleasure, and joy. Together we’ll resolve the obstacles so you can embrace your authentic sexual self.

Enjoy a Fulfilling Sex Life No Matter Your Age

As we reach our “Golden Years,” our bodies change, eroticism shifts, desires wane, we encounter new challenges with medical conditions, disabilities, and medications.

Many of us must face new roadblocks associated with enjoying our sex lives to the fullest.

But the most common issue is sexless or touchless relationships.

Other common concerns my clients struggle with include:

  •  Myths about aging and sex/uality
  •  Fear of losing your edge
  •  Physical changes with aging
  •  Toxic shame
  •  Low libido or changing desires
  •  Body image conflict
  •  Erection difficulties
  •  Orgasm challenges
  •  Misplaced expectations
  •  Communication deficits
  •  Medical issues and RX drug side effects
  •  And more….

Sex Coaching Is the Answer

The solution isn’t breaking up or learning to live in silence and misery.

Reading all the self-help books in the world isn’t going to improve your sex life, either.

What you need is a guide trained in all the intricacies of intimacy and sexuality… an experienced sex coaching professional who can guide you from fizzle to sizzle.

Sex coaching can take you from those dreading-the-bedroom moments to ones where you embrace one another with joy and excitement.

Hi, I’m Dr. Patti and I’ll be your guide.

Using my unique “Bulls Eye Solution,” we work from the inside out. Changing just one pattern about your sexuality can change your entire life!

What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is a professional style ~ blending the best of the science of sexology (“the what”) with steps to fulfillment found in life coaching (“the how”).

Think of it as part psycho-sexual education and counseling with a powerful drive to let you reach your stated goals. My pioneering sex coaching formula is comprised of these six building blocks.

Personalized Sex Education

  • Find the facts that you deserve to know about sex
  • Understand your sexual responses
  • Discover your own anatomy & physiology
  • Unlock your unique sexual patterns or “sexual blueprint” and
  • Get at what stops you from experiencing your full pleasure potential.

Mental Reframing

  • Dispel negative thinking with immediate results that shift to the positive
  • Challenge stereotypes and bust myths that harm your intimate relationships
  • Master mind control to eliminate dysfunctional patterns
  • Expand your perspective
  • Navigate the pathway for your sexual success

Emotional Balancing

  • Reveal troubling emotional states holding you back
  • Explore the source of your reactions and consider their impact on your partner
  • Learn to self-soothe and self-regulate your feelings
  • Discover solutions to toxic fear, guilt or shame
  • Experience healing through their expression and resolution

Intuitive Guidance

  • Gain from my own unique gift of reading energies
  • Follow me “outside the box” of traditional, medically-based methods for sex therapy
  • Reach your innermost truths
  • Explore the power of your own intuition
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice and discern its guidance

Behavioral Training

  • Identify behaviors that are sabotaging your pleasure
  • Master how to manage “performance anxiety”
  • Discover the pathway to embodiment 
  • Unlock my unique FOPS™ model 
  • Learn the 9 steps to female orgasm
  • Find pleasure in all parts of the sexual self

Resource Management

  • Work with a global resource directory of like-minded experts
  • Obtain guidance and support along the way of your sexual healing process
  • Ultimately live fully as your authentic sexual self
  • Enjoy a deeply satisfying romantic partnership
  • Know what it’s like to reach maximal sexual satisfaction

What Can Sex Coaching Do For You?

Heal Sexual Wounds

Let go of the past

Know Yourself Intimately

Get into the present

Connect with a Partner

Find a future together

Enhance Pleasure Skills

Fly into ecstasy with a lover

Become Your Authentic Self

Realize your sexual potential

My Unique, Holistic Approach

Your sex life doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s interwoven into every aspect of your life.

That’s why I developed my own systems and techniques for working with clients that involves identifying and resolving blockages in all five realms of your being.

MEBES stands for Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, and Spirit.

The MEBES Signature System has been widely adopted as the gold standard in the field of sex coaching.

This approach is essential to helping you reach your full sexual potential.

How the Sex Coaching Process Works

Our work together is a process, not an event.

We will follow the steps below to help you unravel your past sexual story that’s holding you back.

Together we will install new pathways to your sexual success. And I will be the guide at your side all the way.

My sex coaching sessions are talk-only, and you will follow home suggestions and exercises that empower, uplift, and create a roadmap for your journey to sexual self realization, alone and/or with a partner.

My 6 Step Process

  • INTAKE – Our first conversation will give me an overview of what you’re struggling with and where you’d like to get to.
  • SEXUAL HISTORY – This interview-style session reveals a fuller picture of our background and what has influenced where you are today.
  • BLOCKAGE EXPLORATION – Together, we’ll use my MEBES Signature System to uncover where you’re blocked in each of the five areas of your sexual self.
  • ACTION PLAN – We will co-create an action plan with exercises and reflection, designed to help you achieve your goals.
  • MONITOR & TWEAK – I’ll monitor your progress along the way, tweaking the action plan as needed to recalibrate your direction.
  • CELEBRATE – We’ll cheer for joy as you embrace your new sexual self!

Let’s work together

I produce results for my sex coaching clients!

Years Of Experience Helping Clients Achieve Their Sexual Goals
Clients Helped From 20+ Countries
Featured as Oprah’s Top Sex Coach in 2022
Clients Achieve Desired Outcome

It's time to reclaim your Sizzle!

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