Secret to more sex: Stop calling him Honey

If you’re used to calling your sexual and/or romantic partner a nickname like “Baby”, “Honey”, or “Sweetie” it might be time to reconsider. Grace Jennings-Edquist, a blogger in Australia looked [...]

Clearing Your Emotions…

Note: You can download another slightly modified version of this process under "Tools" here on our website, "Processing Your Emotions". When a client comes to me for Sex Coaching and they are [...]

59 Turn-On’s

CHECKLIST OF 59 POSSIBLE TURN-ON’S: [This is an arousal assessment for men, women and couples developed by Dr. Patti Britton. It is her exclusive intake form for arousal determinants.] (Place an [...]

On Virginity

In September of 2005 a new movie hit the neighborhood theaters, that stuck like a bone in the throats of some folks who think that being a virgin is a good thing. Well, maybe it’s a good idea for [...]

On Being Seductive

Wouldn’t you like to be a great seducer? Most men would. The art of seduction is not a myth. It is a learned set of behaviors, just like becoming a good lover, or a good golfer or a good sales [...]

On Boosting Libido

Just in time for those holidays and you don’t give a rat’s hind quarters about sex? Worried that something’s very wrong with you? Well, get this. During the holidays many men (and women) feel so [...]

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