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Writing by Dr. Patti

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I was born a writer. From my very first memories, I wrote stories, even as a little girl with crayons on drawing paper. At 10 or so, I recorded an epic dream about “A Golden Ship” and started the legacy of a writer. That was my first fiction foray. After that I wrote stories for the school papers. Then in elementary and later junior/senior high school, the literary guilds included my published works

Always–yes, always–I could be found writing reams of poetry to clear out my innermost longings, or pains, or wonderment. I was published in my college prestigious literary journal and have contributed far and wide. Bottom line? All through life I have continually aspired to be a great writer. Don’t we all,  those of us who write as a part of our DNA? 

I have now written 5 books so far: One self-published erotic novel adventure (Her in France), 3 training manuals for sexology professionals (HIV/AIDS Prevention, TASC, DLASS) and one consumer book (CIGSM) that was a lot of fun. (There’s a story in that, too). I’ve contributed hundreds of articles and submitted contributions to other authors’ books, such as Forewords for friends in sexology, back cover blurbs, and even chapters in other books.

I’m working on a variety of new writing projects. 

  • A narrative memoir about the life & death of my daughter from HIV/AIDS
  • A narrative memoir about the sudden loss of my beloved life partner and lessons learned for the Boomer Generation
  • A narrative memoir revealing my own juicy and amazing life journey; aka a saucy tale. 
  • Professional books, such as how to help Boomers with their sexual issues 
  • A series called “Sexy Senior Singles”—on senior dating and love stories that will tickle, tingle and surprise you…
  • Maybe a screenplay or a theater production. Who knows? Writers are unstoppable! 

Keep your eyes here, as I plan to share them all, piece by piece!

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