I had a wonderful conversation about sex coaching with co-founders of Institute of Conscious Sex and Relationships for their recent online conference. You can still purchase the entire event with over 40+ other sex and relationship experts sharing their best advice and insights – Click HERE

Here’s just a short snippet from the transcript:

I just love [sex coaching]. This is my passion. It’s my calling. It always has been. It began with an inspirational journey on a geographical plane when I went to Calcutta. It’s not called that anymore in India. I saw the ravages of over-population. I saw where the sacred approach to life itself really can either help or harm an individual. It was there that I was inspired to do something about really inspiring other people toward empowerment around their sexuality and healing around sexuality. I really use my approach as a sexuality educator as the foundation for all of the work that I do. I also work a lot with energies. We’ll get to talk about that, I’m sure, in terms of my approach. I see myself working energetically as a healer and as an advocate for positive sexuality and de-shaming this world and getting people unstuck from the roadblocks they have with sex and relationships. My journey’s taken me all over the world, literally, from that kind of wake-up call years ago in India to where I am today in Los Angeles and many roads in between. I’m a professor at various graduate institutes. I have a very small but selective private practice here in Los Angeles, because mostly I’m really leading other people to do what I do, which is to be a clinical sexologist or a sex coach and bring that sexual healing about in the world. This is really my true calling. It always has been. I just can’t imagine doing anything more interesting than talking about sex.

Watch my conversation with Marc and Emily: Dr. Patti Britton – Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference

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