Sex coaching has been my calling, my profession, and my passion for the past 20 years.

As the pioneer of sex coaching, having worked with hundreds of clients, and having trained hundreds more students in my methods, I feel confident to say that sex coaching IS the new sex therapy.


So what is sex coaching? Sex coaching is the fusion of clinical sexology (the study of human sexual behavior and how we think and feel about it) and goal-oriented Applied Coaching. It is not therapy, and I am very clear with both my clients and my students that sex coaches do not work as a therapists.


My inspiration started while earning my PhD from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality back in the 90’s. I noticed a huge gap between traditional sex therapy and the new wave of coaching that was coming out by pioneers like Thomas Leonard (I was one of his first students!). I saw that many sexual concerns, while needing help, did not need long term therapy. I didn’t want to put myself into the role of therapist with my clients, so my idea of sex coaching was born.

Sex coaching is powerful. Let me tell you why:

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