Hey, do you want to know about my fave movie this year? Knock Knock, who’s there? Then take out your drumsticks….and don’t beat around the bush. Here’s what I could drum up to share with you and without symbols: (all puns intended)

Whiplash’s J.K. Simmons won for Best Supporting Actor and the film garnered other Oscar wins for Sounds Mixing and Film Editing! It was nominated for Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. Why? Because this is one great film that will keep you mesmerized, on the edge of your seat, excited, allured, spellbound, enraged, frightened, and feeling all the range of human emotions you can whip up!

Whiplash shows great acting, a theme about being who you are and claiming your worth, a dynamic and surprising power play between teacher/conductor and student and beyond that…..FABulous Jazz!!!!

Yes, this film moved me at my heart and soul. It raised my spirits and elevated my hope for those who are bullied to be willing and brave enough to shine above the bully and rise to their own power despite the odds at risk.

See it.

Love it.

Support its main message that you can be YOU, and that greatness cannot be beaten out of a true artist.

xo, Dr. Patti


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