A magical tool for sacred healing work. This sacred mandala wheel is crafted for integration of sexuality and spirituality—using color-active holistic spaces for whole person-centered mind/emotions/body/energy spirit system. Clients or trainees become interactive in their engagement as they WALK THE WHEEL – sharing their sexual wounding, releasing their past, all in moving toward a future sexual self.

“ I cannot imagine working without it now! This Wheel is a high quality, hand crafted design, made for comfort and durability – with a sense of sacred beauty – an invaluable addition to the coach or therapist tool kit.

This interactive approach gives voice for the unspeakable and the unsaid. The aspect of being able to actually WALK THE WHEEL for change is the dynamic element that makes this tool so powerful.” – Dr. Patti Britton, Clinical Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, CoFounder of SexCoachU.com & world recognized leader in sexual healing & wellness

MEBES Mandala-Healing QUILTHandmade to-Order

4’ Diameter

All Cotton Fabrics batting & backing

Colors/trim as seen here 3-6 week est. delivery

Machine Washable

Energetically Blessed thru the divine feminine for true transformation

Reg. $699; SALE PRICE only $499!!! (limited)

Relational Sexuality Network Members will receive a Discount: only $629!


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