Love, Lust and Laughter with Dr. Diana

Dr. Robert and I recently had the pleasure of being guests on Dr. Diana Wiley’s radio show Love, Lust and Laughter. We discussed our impressions and concerns about “Fifty Shades of Lame”, as we [...]

Secret to more sex: Stop calling him Honey

If you’re used to calling your sexual and/or romantic partner a nickname like “Baby”, “Honey”, or “Sweetie” it might be time to reconsider. Grace Jennings-Edquist, a blogger in Australia looked [...]

CNAC Solution for Couples…

We are going to focus on a process which I often recommend for couples, which I term the "CNAC Solution." What's that? C for Communicate, N for Negotiate, A for agreement, and C for compromise.

Why Men Cheat…

If your partner cheats on you, get to the root of the problem before you pack your bags and book a flight to Somewhere, USA. It's not always D-day (divorce), but it could be a serious wake-up [...]

Ideal Mate

Well, it's that time again: Fall is the start of a new school year ---and for some of us, it's that time to GET SERIOUS. Planning for the future comes with those autumnal vibes. Harvesting our [...]

DEER Technique…

This is an article from Your Sex Coach Express 2002: DEER Technique, The Daily Exciting Erotic Reminder Technique (think Hart not Bambi) Okay, I love to make up acronyms! I thought this one [...]

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