Did you know that anybody can call themselves a sex coach?

As a Certified Sexuality Educator and Supervisor member of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists), I see the growing presence of non-licensed practitioners in sexology worldwide. The broad field of sexology is a field that is unregulated through licensure, as is coaching. Therefore, anybody can call themselves a sex coach, without any credentials, supervision or licensure.

The one thing that should terrify all of us is the ubiquitous availability of all types of sexuality-related services (not all relegated to sex coaching or sex counseling) with UNqualified practitioners, including many with licenses and academic degrees. The potential damage to their clients’ well-being is immense, because working with a client’s sexuality is a highly sensitive, highly charged topic.

That is precisely why I developed the first manual on sex coaching for W.W. Norton & Co., (The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice, 2005) and co-founded Sex Coach University, the world’s premier training and credentialing organization that promotes ethical practices and universal standards of care in the burgeoning new field of sex coaching.

Read the rest of my article on the World Association of Sex Coaches here.

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