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Sexy Single Senior Series: Across the Plains (poem)

gold wheat

Across the Plains

Dark and cold behind me

In spirit time I wander

Back and forth across the plains

Peering into nothingness



The thought of youandme infects me now

It dances in my head like butterflies on the loose

It caresses my cheeks as you have never done

It chops up my heart into pieces of regret each time I long for more

It opens the chambers of my aching soul to feel you there inside


But Love is not a handy tool for you

Oh no

It shoots arrows of terror reflected in the cesspools of your deep blue eyes

It pushes fences of steel between us

It keeps me numb from any possibility of getting close



You think

You can’t feel

You talk

You can’t listen

You suffocate my longing and punish my flesh

I’ve opened my gates one too many times and this round was our final.

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