Opal-Plus Sex Coaching Package**



This is for you if…

  • You have worked with Dr. Patti and have been approved to enter into an SPT intensive with her and a designated SPT expert
  • You have scheduled a 3-day “On-Site SPT Intensive” with Dr. Patti and her designated SPT expert

* For “Off-Site SPT Intensives” other rates apply.
**one-time use only

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  • This is a customized package for those rare occasions when an On-Site SPT Intensive is possible.
  • It includes a limit of 8 hours total of discussion each day with client AND SPT expert. Time allocations will be flexible and depend on client’s unique needs during the intensive. Breaks will be provided throughout each day, along with alone time for all involved.
  • It includes ONE follow-up session (one hour duration) with Dr. Patti within one week of the intensive.
  • It includes a written summary of session notes provided within one week of the intensive by Dr. Patti and from the SPT expert.
  • Additional follow up sessions will be charged at the usual sex coaching rates ($275/hour or packages listed above).

(** This package is good for ONE “On-Site SPT” package only; it does not carry into other work or other SPT intensives)

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