I love Prevention magazine. I’ve read it since I was a young mom seeking natural alternatives to Western medicine and finding healing remedies. I guess I’d say it influenced who I am today.

Here is a quote from a Prevention article on boosting your sex life, as in improving your libido in less than 5 minutes:
“These 8 quick-and-dirty tips are simple enough to implement now, but still wonderfully effective.
1. Breathe deeply.
Anyone who’s caught herself thinking about her inbox or the laundry left overnight in the washer knows that great sex often depends on your frame of mind—and that’s before it even begins. “To get into the right headspace, breathe into your whole body,” says sex coach Patti Britton, PhD. “Notice shallow breathing in your upper chest region and then breathe consciously, moving the breath into your lower body. Now, think about something sexy that has turned you on in the past: a great time in bed, the way you felt on a first date. Focus your attention on that and imagine it happening again in the moment.” Poof: suddenly you’re in the mood.
Check out the full article online:

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