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I am a proud Baby Boomer, in the primary wave of our generation. I know firsthand what it’s like to cope with aging. It’s our mission to stay youthful, juicy, sexy, alive and healthy, while keeping a reality check on the changes we face. For 2 years, I co-hosted a popular Internet radio show called “The Boom Doctors” (with my beloved life partner, Dr. Robert Dunlap, who died in 2017.) “Your Boomalicious Life”  is dedicated to serving the needs of my generation, The Unstoppable Boomers, with a special tribute to our sexuality related issues, while focused on all aspects of Boomer Life: cultural, social, health, wealth, travel, family, death, and more… 

Each week, I will bring you guests with a spin on how aging is affected by their specialty area. I will talk to you about topical issues, such as relevant streaming entertainment, sizzling cultural events, pivotal sea changes in how we think, feel, live and thrive as we age. Keep coming back!


Episode 15: “Sex Toys for Fun & Pleasure”

Episode Summary Kim Airs is an internationally known pioneer in the sex toy, aka Pleasure Products, industry. She has been a voice for sex-positivity and knowledge about how sex toys and other enhancements can enrich a sex life at any age. As she says, “At 63, many of those my

Episode 14: “Everyone is a Creative”

Episode Summary Creativity is life’s primary force. Everyone is a creative, because creativity is problem-solving. Problem-solving is working within a set of restrictions. Sexuality itself is creative, beyond procreation. All your life experiences are available to you each time you solve a problem. In this charming and enlightening discussion with

Episode 13: “The Power of Touch”

Episode Summary Touch is our most developed sense at birth. Unlike the other senses it never changes throughout the aging process. Body-based, sex+, verbal and physical tools build a toolbox for our clients to remain physically, mentally and sexually engaged. An aging body is kept younger by a mind that

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