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I am a proud Baby Boomer, in the primary wave of our generation. I know firsthand what it’s like to cope with aging. It’s our mission to stay youthful, juicy, sexy, alive and healthy, while keeping a reality check on the changes we face. For 2 years, I co-hosted a popular Internet radio show called “The Boom Doctors” (with my beloved life partner, Dr. Robert Dunlap, who died in 2017.) “Your Boomalicious Life”  is dedicated to serving the needs of my generation, The Unstoppable Boomers, with a special tribute to our sexuality related issues, while focused on all aspects of Boomer Life: cultural, social, health, wealth, travel, family, death, and more… 

Each week, I will bring you guests with a spin on how aging is affected by their specialty area. I will talk to you about topical issues, such as relevant streaming entertainment, sizzling cultural events, pivotal sea changes in how we think, feel, live and thrive as we age. Keep coming back!


Episode 4: “New Visions of Sexuality as We Age”

Episode Summary Michele Lyons is an expressive arts and sex coach. As she says, “My clients include heterosexual men, women and couples. Even though they come to me for sexual concerns such as low libido, dating anxiety or erectile dysfunction, I find that low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and negative

Episode 3: “LGBTQ Aging and Sex”

Episode Summary Dr. Jane is a sexuality educator who came to this work late in life. As she writes, “As a result, my focus is not on young children, adolescents, or even parents. I’m on a mission to promote the sexual wellness of older adults, especially those in senior living

Episode 2: “BDSM: Access to Bliss”

Episode Summary Dr. Celina says: “My work revolves around sexual expression and freedom. Each person has their own relationship to their body, their pleasure, and their sexual behavior. I believe that when there is harmony in this area of life, it is easier to connect with partners and find paths

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