I’m bi…bi-coastal that is, even though I’ve identified for the past 20 years as an Angeleno(a).  I try to stay away from politics as a sex doc, but this year’s Oscars is too important to ignore.

Politics and Social Justice at the Oscars

Didn’t you just love the feel and tone of those Oscars? I am proud to be a part of this community of enlightened women who care about women’s issues, women’s rights and women’s presence in the entertainment industry—and beyond. The entertainment industry often ignites social memes and produces societal role models, good and bad.

Aside from loving most of the winners of last night’s Academy Awards (okay—The Shape of Water), I felt that Kimmel did a smart, sensitive and masterful skate between the comic and serious, the shallow and deep ends of the pool of racial equality, sexual harassment and women’s empowerment.

Women Are Showing Up and Being Recognized

I happen to admire the firsts and the repeat examples of women showing up for their spotlight, like Mary J Blige as the first woman to be nominated for acting and original song, and the myriad actors, directors, writers, producers, artists, designers, editors and other contributors.

It was Best Actress winner Frances McDormand’s eloquent and brave speech that made the night: her calling out for all women nominated to stand up and be seen amongst the usual sea of privileged men. Hers was a dazzling moment of proclamation, power and hope.

Watch the Oscars & Be Inspired

If you didn’t catch the Oscars live, see it for the commentary by women who initiated Weinstein’s demise and feel the rise of the new Feminism whose day has come. I hope to remain an active voice in the movement for social change here in my own milieu and I ask for you to join me.

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