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I love to travel!

POB art cards

I love to travel! Maybe it’s related to my background of being Daughter #1 in a 5-sister family, the children of an immigrant father, with an international exposure from birth. I spoke 3 languages in high school and my dad spoke 16!  Honestly, even to this day I always dream of going somewhere new. I’m also a Sagittarian, whose mission in life is predominantly adventure, so travel is in my stars!

Travel Highlights

In this part of my Creativity Kitchen I’m going to share some pix and a few lines illustrating highlights of my trips to countries outside of my home nation, USA, and some within the borders of the place I call home.

Snowshoeing in Sante Fe

Here’s me snowshoeing in the wilderness near Santa Fe, New Mexico, having fun in winter wonderland in December 2019!

Dr. Patti snowshoeing

My 2019 Alaska Cruise

These are a few scenes from a 2019 Alaska NCL cruise, where we went to see the melting glaciers, interact with beautiful indigenous people in their habitat, observe the marvels of nature at its finest, and enjoy the company of good friends in sexology. Plus, on this cruise we all got to take part in a weeklong series of educational talks to our host group, about– what else? Senior sex, of course!

Dr. Patti & Chris H on Alaska cruise 2019
Me with Chris H

Pix (12)

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