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Love Notes from Dr. Patti

Love Notes from Dr. Patti
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It’s that special time of year again. The month of Valentine’s Day is upon us. To me, it’s a month devoted to the consciousness of loving.

I know, you are wondering, what’s the goal of Valentine’s Day? Hearts and flowers on sassy greeting cards? Red velvet heart boxes of expensive Belgian chocolates? Ecards that say “I Love you” without the frills? Or maybe it’s a longer-than-usual romp in between the sheets, or a gesture of caring like buying something really low cut from Victoria’s Secret for your curvy gf, or even a new app for cyberdating that you’re giving yourself.

I once laughed until I cried at a Bill Maher comedy special, where he talked about special holidays that relate to Love. And he called them, “F**k Days.” Things like your wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day,” or any occasion that’s dedicated to giving sexy gifts, spending quality time and, well, expecting someone to put out in bed! You get his drift, right?

Heart ornament Valentine's Day

For me, Valentines’ Day is all about the celebration of Love. So now we get to define what we each mean by LOVE.

What is Love to me? I define it as an energy force field extending outward. In my own local spiritual center, our Mission Statement begins with “Love Only…” Love is an energetic, vibrational state of being. Love is a verb. Love can be with oneself, another(s), things, objects, a pet, you name it. It’s the connection or that relationship that feels expansive, connective and warm-fuzzy-wonderful. It is alive and active, and it is an engagement, not something frivolous or superficial at all. It is never an obligation!

What does Love mean to you? I am asking you to do some heart-‘n’-soul searching now.

I also wonder about the power of Love, and especially when we mix that *cock*tail of Love plus sex and get something more than just 1+1=2. Can you feel that?

Sex does not always mean intimacy. Intimacy does not always mean Love. It all depends on the engagement, the relationship, the meanings we bring to our language and the relationships that we co-create.

Here are some suggestions for journaling or dictating into your smart phone recording app:

How will you show Love to:

1) Yourself this Valentine’s Day? (Think about the joys of self-Love.)

2) A Lover? If you have a Lover/partner, how will you show Love in a NON sexual way? In a sexual way?

3) If you do not have a partner and wish you did, what fantasy way would you want to show your Love?

4) How will you keep the energy of Love flowing for you and others? (in bed and out)

Write these down; review them in one month and then next Valentine’s Day to see how well you kept your promises to yourself, your lover, and to Love itself!

An update from My Creativity Kitchen

Here’s a taste of some of what I am cooking up for you on my new website. This is part of the series of different types of erotic/sexy/life-affirming stories I want to share with you:

The Lost Girl Found: A Tale of Love

By Dr. Patti Britton

“What’s the matter with you, my darling one?” she coos into my face.

“I cannot see my way, I tell her. I am holding my breath and my chest is filling up with grief, becoming so heavy I can barely hold my head up on my own shoulders from the weight of bearing down, bearing it all.

“Tell me why you are so lost,” she encourages me with her beckoning hand, showing me a worn patch of dried grasses on which we can sit together.

“I cannot find the truth. I cannot seem to know why it was him. I have given up a great Love of my life and yet I had to choose either me or him. I chose me. Because it was going to kill me if I did not.”

The words cascade from my lips, a river flowing over its banks and flooding the heart center of my being as it empties me of truth-telling phrases.

“What has happened to you?” she begs me to speak.

Continue reading…

Let me know if you like it. Some of the other stories will be nasty, sexual, provocative, emotive, cerebral, descriptive, edgy, educational or anything else that a creative writer might want to portray. I hope you’ll enjoy them all!

Launching My New Podcast – Listen Up!


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Hi and welcome to “Your Boomalicous Life,” a podcast dedicated to bringing you all things Boomer! On this show, we talk about how to thrive as a Boomer, with topics that cover the gamut—like sexy aging, elder care, wellness, money, family issues, finding or keeping relationships, online dating, end-of-life planning, fun tips for travel—and all things in between.

The first four shows are ready for our launch. Keep in touch to find out when we formally open the show!

  • Dr. Norelyn Parker on Cannabis, Sexuality & Aging;
  • Dr. Celina Criss on BDSM: A Pathway to Bliss;
  • Dr. Jane Fleishman on The Stonewall Generation: GLBT Elders; and
  • Michele Lyons on Expressive Arts Sex Coaching For Clients.

If you have something to share about Boomer Life and wish to be a guest on my podcast, sign up here!

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Until the next time,

Celebrate your sexual self!

Xo, Love and Light, Dr. Patti

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