What Exactly is Sex Coaching?

Using my unique “Bulls Eye Solution”, we work from the inside out; changing just one pattern about your sexuality can change your entire life!

Sex Coaching is a professional style~blending the best of sexology (“the what”) with life coaching (“the how”). Think of it as part psycho-sexual education and counseling with a powerful drive to let you reach your stated goals. Dr. Patti’s pioneering Sex Coaching formula is comprised of these 6 building blocks.

1) Personalized Sex Education

Helping you to ~

  • Find the facts that you deserve to know about sex
  • Understand your sexual responses
  • Discover your own anatomy & physiology
  • Unlock your unique sexual patterns or “sexual blueprint” and
  • Get at what stops you from experiencing your full pleasure potential.
2) Mental Reframing

Helping you to ~

  • Dispel negative thinking with immediate results that shift to the positive
  • Bust myths that harm you
  • Master mind control to eliminate dysfunctional patterns and
  • Navigate the pathway for your sexual success.
3) Emotional Balancing

Helping you to ~

  • Reveal troubling emotional states
  • Discover solutions to toxic fear, guilt or shame and
  • Experience healing through their expression and resolution.
4) Intuitive Guidance

Helping you to ~

  • Gain from my own unique gift of reading energies,
  • Follow me “outside the box” of traditional, medically-based methods for sex therapy and
  • Reach your innermost truths.
5) Behavioral Training

Helping you to ~

  • Correct and shift physical patterns that don’t work for you,
  • Learn new techniques and strategies, often by self-educational methods like DVDs, books, online supplemental learning or more, and
  • Benefit from customized exercises designed to maximize your sexual skills.
6) Resource Management

Helping you to ~

  • Work with a global resource directory of like-minded experts
  • Obtain guidance and support along the way of your sexual healing process
  • Ultimately live fully as your authentic sexual self and
  • Know what it’s like to reach maximal sexual satisfaction.
Sex Coaching vs Therapy

+ Sex Coaching Is

  • Fast paced
  • Client-centered
  • Results-focused
  • Collaborative not hierarchical
  • Whole person oriented
  • Designed for wellness
  • Not a diagnosis or illness model
  • De-pathologizing
  • Non-medicalizing
  • Sexually-affirming
  • Virtual or in-person
  • Not a mental health practice but a life enhancement journey

What Can Sex Coaching Do For You?

Eliminate Body and Sexual Shame

8 of 10 women in America struggle with body shame. Much of it comes from our societal beliefs. The truth is that with the right adjustment in mental and emotional reframing, you can let go ALL body and sexual shame, no matter where it comes from. The result is a feeling of self-confidence and self-appreciation that strengthen your ability to connect with others.

Create Deeper Connection

It’s no secret that a healthy sex life is essential for happy, long-lasting relationships. If your relationship or marriage has lost its spark, a simple shift in perspective and behavior can easily bring it back. With professional guidance, experiencing that shift can occur faster than most people think.

Overcome Sexual Roadblocks

By working together and building trust, you can overcome any sexual or relationship inhibition. Using a time-proven system, we combine education, technique, mental conditioning, and emotional balancing to achieve freedom from sexual roadblocks.

Boost Sexual Confidence

Discover why sexual confidence is the key to an amazing sex life and how to achieve it. Once you master your thoughts and stop their disabling sexual patterns, you will feel a huge rise in self confidence…it’s quite literally a ‘game changer’.

Reach Heightened Sexual Pleasure

Learn how to have better sex than you ever expected…at any age! Discover how to activate your true pleasure potential. These are life skills you can’t get anywhere else than from Sex Coaching.

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How Does Sex Coaching Work?

When you work with a sex coach, your sexual wellness journey begins with a goals assessment. This allows your sex coach to chart a course of action to ensure you get the maximum results from your sex coaching program.

Dr. Patti’s 5 Phases of the Sex Coaching Process

  • image

    Heal Past Sexual Wounds

    Let go of the past.

  • image

    Know Yourself

    Get into the present.

  • image

    Connect with a Partner

    Find a future together.

  • image

    Enhance Pleasure Skills

    Fly into ecstasy alone or with a lover.

  • image

    Become Your Authentic Self

    Experience who you truly are as a sexually realized being.

MEBES© Model

The MEBES© Model, created by Dr. Patti, has been widely adopted in the field of Sex Coaching. This model is used in Sex Coaching to address certain areas of the human condition that are essential to reaching our sexual potential. Hover over the circles for more info.

Hover over the letters to the right to learn more about the MEBES© model.



Information, your self-talk, thinking about sexual performance, capacity for fantasy, troubling thought patterns, such as compulsivity,



The feelings you carry from the past, about your body and body image, what you suppress and express, how you express your emotions, and your capacity for intimacy



Image issues, knowing how your own sexual pattern works, understanding your own body’s sexual architecture and function, acknowledging your own sexual (dys)functions, learning skills for how to be a successful lover alone or with a partner.



Sex is all about energy- the build-up, the containment and the expression of energy; in my one-on-one work I am able to observe your energy patterns and give feedback for handling this often overlooked part of your sexuality.



That essence of self; those esoteric moments or practices that transcend the moment, such as peak orgasm experiences; sacred sexuality; the more subtle and delicate manner in which you deny or reflect your inner self through your sexuality; the path of sex to experience the Divine or God.

Why Work With Dr. Patti?

With over 35 years of experience and pedigreed credentials as a Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Educator, Dr. Patti Britton has built a reputation as a pioneer of sex coaching. Her methodologies for helping individuals and couples achieve their desired sexual potential are well known among professionals in her industry. As co-founder of SexCoachU, she has trained hundreds of sex coaches throughout the world, spreading her groundbreaking approach to sexual healing. Dr. Patti’s work has been featured on national TV programs, such as The Montel Show, Hard Copy, CNBC, and CBS News. She raised the bar in her field when she published the first book on Sex Coaching, entitled ‘The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice’.

While her methods and unique approach have developed into training other sex coaches, Dr. Patti’s true passion lies in working with individuals and couples to achieve their sexual goals. Whether it’s a desire to heal sexual dysfunction, overcome shame, or deepen an intimate connection, Dr. Patti is at right at home with finding the solution.

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