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Presenting at the SSSS Annual Meeting

November 13, 2015 @ 10:45 - 12:15

I’m excited to be presenting Cultural Differences Around the World Through Art as Sexual Speech and Diverse Sexual Expression at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality’s annual meeting, Beyond Boundaries, in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Register for the event here.

Presentation: Session 9 on Friday (11/13), from 10:45AM to 12:15PM. Come join us!

The SSSS Presents Beyond Boundaries 2015

The SSSS Presents Beyond Boundaries 2015

In 2012-2015 two Sexologists/Erotologists/Sexuality Educators travelled to geographical locations leading international presentations/trainings. During this time they discovered cross-cultural perspectives on sexuality and sexual expression that were inspiring. In the process they obtained documentation by photography and videography to capture hundreds of images depicting sexuality as erotic art that are representational of cultural norms, sexually diverse expression or are created solely for arousal purposes of the artist and/or the viewer.

Locations and venues included Amsterdam: The sexual venues and the national fine art Museum; Bruges, Belgium: Exclusive access to the collection by Salvador Dali with printed statements by the artist about art and sex; Four major cities in China yielded imagery of urban landscapes, some of which illustrated cultural norms about female sexuality or eroticism, i.e., Guan Dong market; Hong Kong and Shanghai; Prague, Czech Republic: Sex Machine Museum private collection, along with portrayal of BDSM art and artifacts; Krakow and Warsaw, Poland, religious art and urban street art from USA and more…

The 45-minute documentary shows an array of cross-cultural perspectives, a dazzling collection of erotic imagery and artifacts, with commentary by the sexologists.

By gaining understanding, awareness, tolerance and greater acceptance of sexual diversity as depicted or captured in art, especially erotic art, our lives are enriched. We become more tolerant of different forms of sexual expression and create a sense of unity of the human experience of sexuality and eroticism. This presentation will broaden views, thoughts and feeling among participants, to provide a firsthand look at the span of erotic art in distinct countries with unique cultures, and to express the potential for the use of erotic art as a socio-cultural gateway into the expression of human sexuality. This unique private collection of artistic findings will expand participants’ knowledge and appreciation of art itself. (Total: 296 words)

By the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:
a. cite at least three elements common to the expression of global perspectives on sexuality in erotic art
b. identify at least 4 broad cultural themes in erotic art as shown in this presentation
c. discuss how erotic art may be viewed as sexual speech and provide insights into the diversity of sexual expression.

10 min=Lecture: Overview of purpose of presentation with background on specific venues chosen from geographical locations, rationale for selection and themes in erotic art, and global perspectives as inspiration for presentation
45 min=Live presentation of documentary (video/slides) with commentary; summation of common elements found in erotic art across cultures and geography
5=Q&A with audience.
Presentation format: Lecture, live demonstrations of media, discussion and commentary
Intended Audience: Sexologists; Erotic art enthusiasts and cultural-social anthropologists in sexology

Sexually explicit images: Many of the images in this documentary style presentation will include nudity or erotic imagery of various depictions in art: drawings, paintings, urban landscapes, sculptures, multi-media, collectibles, and some historically significant implements, representations and artifacts.

Access: An atmosphere of welcome, safety and confidentiality will be established at the outset using ground rules and presenting of boundaries. Microphones will be used as will video/audio output allowing those with physical disabilities to obtain the information and participate fully in the experience. Anyone of any gender identity or sexual orientation is welcome. Depictions of erotic art will be inclusive of a diverse population globally.

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