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ASPEX – Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience

ASPEX expands your boundaries and lets you dance with your sexual soul among enlightened peers in joyful expression of limitless possibilities. Based on the successful events in 2015, 2016, and 2018 in Poland and 2017 in the Czech Republic, this training is what we sometimes call “SAR FOR GROWN-UPS”!

ASPEX will truly leave you feeling “FREE” in a way you have never felt or been before.

This year, in 2019, we are adding an additional day to the ASPEX program! For the first time, you are invited to join us for 6 days and 5 nights.

Interview with ASPEX Host Coordinator

 Listen to my interview with our 2016 Host Coordinator, Dr. Agata Loewe here:

Webinar with ASPEX Staff

Check out this webinar about ASPEX recorded by the event staff last year:

Download the FREE brochure here 

ASPEX is an experiential personal journey of sexual self-discovery.  The weeklong experience will accomplish the following outcomes:
  1. Expand our boundaries about what we feel about sex, sexuality, and sexual expression
  2. Enrich our acceptance of sexual humans–ourself and others
  3. Illuminate our fundamental sexual needs as persons first then as clinicians or educators for others
  4. Empower us as sex-positive change agents
  5. Lavish ourselves with joyful shared connection and a pathway to personal sexual ecstasy
  6. Enable Sexual Self Realization as the ultimate result
  7. Experience emotional clearing of past wounds
  8. Engage in the exploration of female/male genitals and SRC
  9. Discover how to move into a state of personal embodiment
  10. Learn sensual movement and touch for personal liberation
  11. Acquire a plethora of techniques for freeing the sexual self
  12. Discover a community of like-minded, openhearted, soulful peers
  13. Meet world leaders in personal growth, erotic exploration and sensual awakening
  14. Explore BDSM practices in a safe supportive environment
  15. Learn specific tools for self soothing
  16. Gain high level tools for freeing the old blocks to sexual bliss
  17. Enjoy a  natural setting and healthy lifestyle
  18. Find means for enlarging your network
  19. Learn to describe your own work and how to maximize its impact
  20. Be available to treasure being in the present moment and much more…

You’ll want to be here! Limited to 30 participants.

Where ASPEX is Held

At a serene, private, beautiful, nature-steeped countryside retreat center in the very heart of rural Poland. Reasonable costs. Shared lodging for 5 nights & all food is included in your stay, along with transportation from Warsaw.

How Does ASPEX Work?

ASPEX follows Dr. Patti Britton’s MEBES© model as its theme and uses the shamanic MEBES wheel as the center of all process work in the space:

  • MIND: What you need to know
  • EMOTIONS: Explore your feelings
  • BODY: Know your sexual patterns and awaken your body
  • ENERGY/SPIRIT: Access energy and evoke spirituality


  • de-bunking myths
  • de-shaming
  • unraveling personal blockages
  • liberating body-based sexual energies
  • building sexual intelligence
  • finding balance in giving/receiving
  • soaring into sacred space
  • touching spiritual freedom
  • exploring touch in safe space
  • unleashing sensuality
  • finding your sexual voice
  • and joyful play.

This training is a journey in self discovery toward sexual self realization, through mini-lectures and demonstrations, self awareness techniques, personal journal writing, dyads, small and whole group discussions, experiential exercises, playful art expression, movement and dance, sounding, shamanic drumming and journeying, sexologically-based bodywork and sacred ceremony.

Using the MEBES mandala wheel system, you will discover sexual healing for yourself and how to apply this system with your clients or your own sexual experience. Expert speakers will present their areas of specialization during three of the 5 days. Nudity will be part of the event. No sexual touching WITHOUT CONSENT will occur without permission of participants involved.  This is an advanced training. No one will be permitted to attend without an approved application. No one is permitted to participate who cannot attend all 5 days or the full training. No late arrivals or early departures are allowed to protect the integrity and safety of the “container” for this group.

Non-refundable deposits are required to secure your space.  Lodging and meals are included.

Tuition is $3,500 for individuals

There is a maximum of 30 participants for this event.

All trainings with Dr. Patti Britton require an approved application before you may attend. You will receive a copy of this application form when you pay your deposit. Complete and return to Sarah at with the subject line: ASPEX Application.

Your ASPEX 2019 tuition balance must be paid in full before the first day of training begins.

Cancellation Policy: The deposit for ASPEX 2019 is $500, which is included in the balance if you pay for this event in full. All deposits are non-refundable. For all cancellations of tuition paid in full prior to an event with at least 30 days notice, the tuition may be applied to a future event by Dr. Britton within one year of the initial event. Any payments in full may be refunded with less than 30 days notice on a case by case basis only in extraordinary circumstances. To obtain this option, a consultation is required with Dr. Britton or her staff.


February 14, 2021

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Los Angeles

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