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Episode 9 “The Sexual Fairy Godmother”

Episode 9 “The Sexual Fairy Godmother”

Episode Summary

In this episode Dr. Charla and Dr. Patti discuss how sex changes as we age, why it gets better and worse. Charla emphasizes how we can make the best of it: It’s a choice, but the choices are what makes us human. Charla talks about her creative projects, including her award winning show, “Tales of Sex Magic & Healing.” She says, “Each of us is an erotic blueprint like no other.” Seasoned sexologist, Dr. Charla Hathaway shares profound and vulnerable client stories from her twenty-year career as an Erotic Muse and healer. Whose seeks sex professionals? Why? What are sessions like? Can intimacy be taught? Storyteller by nature, Charla shares tales from a pioneering and magical career. A kind of sexual fairy godmother, her stories include and connect us, encouraging us to trust and tell our own. This is one riveting conversation about love, sex, aging and erotic life!

Presenter Bio

Charla Hathaway, PhD, CSB, founder of Austin’s BodyJoy Intimacy School, helps students find intimate ways to touch, talk and play. She teaches students that consent and choice are the heart of erotic self-trust and joy. A storyteller at heart, Charla tours with two one-woman shows on sex work, “Naked at My Age”, about her getting into sex work in her fifties, and “Tales of Sex Magic & Healing”, stories about her brave clients from her pioneering career as an Erotic Muse. Kind of a sexual fairy godmother, Dr. Charla encourages you to trust and tell your own stories. Dr. Charla Hathaway is an author, healer, bodyworker, performer; her website is: where you can also find her two books: “Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal” Quiver Press (published in 7 languages in 2007) and “8 Erotic Nights: Passionate Encounters that Inspire Great Sex for a Lifetime” from Quiver Press in 2008.

“Naked at My Age: Grandma’s surprising Sexual Renaissance” leads to risk, lust and healing in the oldest profession. Charla Hathaway’s solo show tells a story of growing up sexually curious, seeking an abortion before it was legal, and forging an unusual marriage. At age 50 she proposes a one year “Marriage Sabbatical.” Her solo year leads to a surprising sexual renaissance charting new territory, loving more than one man, and making a discipline of pleasure. Her initiation into sex work is fraught with illegal and isolating choices—though her adventures lead to an unexpected late-life profession—teaching empowered sexuality, writing books and leading international workshops on erotic play. As she enters her 70’s Charla continues to expand the definition of sex and lead others in joyful discovery.