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Episode 7: “Becoming a SAGE: Aging As a Spiritual Practice”

Dr. Nwachi presents Aging as a Spiritual Practice

Episode Summary:

Dr. T is an educator, group coach, and human scientist. He started his professional journey as a teenager by asking the questions “Why do we treat each other this way?” and “Why do I feel this way?” These questions lead him to become a developmental educator for adults, a BDSM practitioner, a certified health & wellness coach, a spirituality and forgiveness coach, and yes, a sex coach. Most of his work is focused on living well holistically, as well as on nutrition, exercise, and spiritual wellness. In this lively and engaging conversation Dr. Patti and Dr. T talk about life itself, as we age–with a focus on aging well, sharing wisdom, how to continue to enjoy the body, and insights on how to connect with our sexual/spiritual self. They both reflect on the rich lives they have experienced. They share different and similar perspectives from their unique vantage points, while revealing how to keep each moment alive and vibrant regardless of your age or status in life.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Nwachi Gamba Eze Pressley-Tafari (or Dr. T) has been a developmental educator and group coach for over 20 years. He holds an Ed.D. in higher education and a Ph.D. in the human sciences with a specialization in creativity studies, with a research focus on BDSM spirituality and personal mythology. Dr. T holds a sex coaching certification from Sex Coach University and a narrative coaching licensing from New Life Coaching. All of Dr. T’s research and published work focuses on human adult development, holistic wellness, and success. He generally has three areas of research: Dr. T focuses on using creativity in adult development, healing, and learning as well as connecting eroticism and spirituality. His greatest accomplishment is sharing the responsibility of rearing two daughters, De (Day) and Niani. Find out more at: