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Episode 33: “Angels and Saints~Eros and Awe” Documentary

Podcast - Rodney Whittenberg

Episode Summary

In this riveting convo Rodney and Dr. Patti discuss the impetus for making the powerful film, “Angels and Saints–Eros and Awe”. This film provides a rare look at the erotic nature of life and those who have chosen free expression despite their challenges, with a sharp focus on the split between religion and eros. The film description reads: In an American culture which has historically called the body or flesh “bad” and the spirit “good”, Angels and Saints are evolving human beings who have learned, often through suffering, to integrate Eros or “the Life Force” with wisdom or spiritual awareness. This eros-wisdom expresses itself in a personal sense of wholeness that includes both the acknowledgement of suffering and a deep appreciation of beauty within the sensate world. Angels and Saints are, then, the incarnation of this compassionate and deeply sensual Spirit — our contemporary “messengers of awe.” In the film ‘Angels and Saints: Eros and Awe’, such persons speak freely of the psychic pain and damage that institutional religions and American culture in general have inflicted upon themselves and upon the majority of Americans. However, whether identifying as heterosexual, nonbinary, gay, lesbian or “otherWise”, our subjects also share with us their creative, grounded lives, their wisdom and their many ways of breaking out of the constraining, stereotypic “boxes” in which society has placed most people. A recurring theme in this process of healing and integration is the role of the arts, including dance, music, poetry, and a love of nature – all of which find a richly expressive place in the film.

Presenter Bio

Rodney Whittenberg is an Emmy Award winning modern “Renaissance Man.” His interests and professional endeavors are broad ranging from full-length film production to music composition. He is fascinated in discovering what makes things tick and how to creatively intersect with them, whether it is the inner vision of his clients or new ways to use the latest technical advances. Rodney is a Producer of the film and info is found at: