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Episode 32: “A Dog of Many Names: Reinventing Oneself at Any Age” (Part 2)

Podcast - Doug Green part 2

Episode Summary

In this subsequent episode, (Listen to Episode # 28 as Part 1), book author, former entertainment director of stage and television, and now youth psychotherapist, Doug Green, shares the story of his love affairs. Those love affairs happen to be with his beloved dogs, Shirelle, and his newest family member, Aria. Aria was a traumatized pet who morphed into a beloved companion, who, as with Shirelle, served as a new muse for his creative endeavors. Doug’s eclectic life shines through in this candid conversation about dogs, therapy, and aging gracefully as a creative healer! Although Doug works primarily with kids, and his two books are about dogs! In his own words, Doug reveals, “I’ve had to reinvent myself numerous times, due to career challenges, moving between continents, and new discoveries of what I most want and treasure in my life”. This is a fun and juicy convo about life, aging, dogs, and the creative process.

Presenter Bio

Doug Green, MFT, LPCC, RDT, is an author, director, teacher, and psychotherapist. More specifically, he’s a Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Los Angeles, where he specializes in helping kids and teens build lives they can be proud of. He runs the website, where people around the world get advice from the point of view of a friendly, smart, lovable, non- judgmental dog.

He is the author of the acclaimed book The Teachings of Shirelle: Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead, detailing the wisdom he learned – psychological, philosophical, and spiritual – from his ridiculous mutt. His latest book, A Dog of Many Names, is his first novel. Find him at: