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Episode 31: “Couple Sexuality After Sixty-The Book!”

Podcast - Barry McCarthy

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Patti interviews one of the greatest thinkers, clinicians and authors about sexuality of our time, Dr. Barry McCarthy. They discuss his newest (and final) sexuality related book with its focus on sex after 60, titled ” Couple Sexuality After Sixty: Intimate, Pleasurable and Satisfying”. Dr. Barry talks about the psycho-bio-social approach to sex therapy, better quality sex as we age, pleasure-oriented touch, the pleasure vs performance model of sexual expression for couples, responsive desire, synchronicity in sharing sexual pleasure, and the pivotal theme of how to enjoy better sex after 60. The convo moves into his seasoned expertise by offering wise clinical tips, while providing tasty consumer educational messages. Dr. Barry gives us permission to lift ourselves up from the challenges embedded in seeing sex-and-aging from a loss lens, instead shifting to a hopeful and pleasure-centered path to wholeness.

Presenter Bio

Barry McCarthy, Ph.D. practiced sex therapy for 42 years in Washington, DC., is a diplomate in clinical psychology and sex therapy, taught human sexuality at American University for 50 years, published 120 professional articles, 33 book chapters, and 24 books. Barry has presented over 450 workshops in the United states as well as Norway, Australia, India, Ireland, Singapore, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, and Portugal. In 2016 he received the Masters and Johnson aware for lifetime contributions to the field of human sexuality and sex therapy. His books for the public present a new model of integrated, pleasure-oriented couple sexuality. As he and his co author, his wife Emily write, “We emphasize acceptance, female-male sexual equity, and the Good Enough Sex (GES) model.” This is his last sexuality book, co authored with his wife Emily and one of lasting value for seniors and those who love, serve and uphold their sexual health and pleasure. Find him at: and be sure to check out his many listing at