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Episode 27: “Alternative Sexual Lifestyles for Boomers”

Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Cari Oneal discuss Alternative Sexual Lifestyles for Boomers

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Cari Oneal and Dr. Patti dive deeply into alternative sexual and erotic lifestyle options for Boomers. This is one spicy topic! As Dr. Cari says, “There are thousands of 50+ people entering and participating in the Lifestyle (or dreaming about it). The Lifestyle for empty nesters can be like a second chance at youth, save marriage boredom, Rx for Dead Bed, bring interest and new skill sets to stale sexual patterns (yes, teach old dogs new tricks), and really add spice to life marriages that need some revving up”. Her online class, “Sex Positive Event Essentials” is an easy entry to understanding what goes on at sex parties and lifestyle resorts and what’s expected. In this lively interview, common myths are debunked, new ideas for fun are presented, and the scope of erotic/sexual etiquette is well described.

Presenter Bio

Sexologist Cari Oneal, PhD, coaches clients to overcome old beliefs and patterns to claim their authentic sexual identity. Using custom tools and techniques, she helps clients develop the self-acceptance to have a conscious voice and choice in their personal relationships—whether monogamous, open relationships, or simply with themselves—so they can live lives filled with connection and intimacy. In her private practice she sees individuals and couples via Zoom to coach them through sex and intimacy issues. Dr. Cari reveals, “Sex is a cornerstone life force and for many of my 50 plus clients, sex is an area that had been neglected during their childrearing years. Now that these couples are becoming empty-nesters, they start to re-evaluate and re-prioritize sex, including the exploration of alternative lifestyles like Ethical or Consensual Non-Monogamy. Coaching these couples to think outside of societal norms allows them to explore the Lifestyle safely and keep all the assets they’ve built up over a lifetime (family, resources, and identity). Exploring sex and intimacy in a new light can often rekindle the original flame partners had for one another and open up an exciting new chapter in their relationships.” In many facets, Dr. Oneal works with HUMAN BEHAVIOR –sexual AND non-sexual– because often they are entwined. Her bias as a clinician and the focus of her Ph.D was Sexual Wellbeing for the HUMAN CONDITION. She is also trained as an EFT (Energy Freedom Technique/Tapping) practitioner. Find her at: