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Episode 25: “Mindfulness As The Path To Self-Acceptance”

Episode 25: “Mindfulness As The Path To Self-Acceptance”

Episode Summary

In this sizzling episode, we two sex docs talk openly about the array of issues that tend to plague most women, of any identity, orientation, age, size, ethnicity or background. We dive deeply into a revealing discussion about the BS messages that women receive from society at large, and we probe how these messages can be so hurtful and harmful to our ability to live fully authentic lives. Dr. Jenn shares about the evolution of her book [From Madness to Mindfulness…] shifting the narrative about what women really deserve to be, know and do when it comes to their sexuality, their relationship to their bodies, and their entitlement to pleasure. As we age, different narratives paint uneven pictures for older women. In this dynamic and honest interview Dr. Jenn shares intimately about the way through: By using mindfulness, self-care, self-compassion, kindness, and going TOWARD the shadow parts of ourselves, rather than AWAY from them. Dr. Jenn has a unique flair for finding the perfect solution and speaks with passion, candor and real life wisdom. Don’t miss this one!

Presenter Bio

Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD, is a sociologist, intimacy speaker, and relationship & communication coach. She is the author of From Madness to Mindfulness: Reinventing Sex for Women, has presented two TEDx Talks, and co-hosts the podcast “Sex Talk with Clint & the Doc.”  Her work has as its focus the topics of sex, intimacy, relationships, communication, and gender role socialization — and within these realms it most relates to aging in terms of noticing the negative messages we receive from society and media about bodies, aging, and sexuality, and how they can undermine us. As Dr. Jenn says,

“I speak about the importance of having the courage and vulnerability to write a new personal narrative, and work on self-acceptance, compassion, and self-love.”

Dr. Jenn lives in San Diego where she strums her ukulele and plays 2-on-2 beach volleyball every weekend. Find her at her site: