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Episode 24: “Coloring Outside the Lines: Inspired Erotic Experiences at Any Age”

Podcast - Iva Veazey

Episode Summary

In this significant discussion about gender diversity, Dr. Patti and Iva go deep into Iva’s story and work that is so beautifully described in the metaphor of “coloring outside the lines”. Iva defines how we can all understand and embrace life beyond the binary of male/female, why pronouns matter and how to use them, and more. Iva defines the concept of gender fluidity and how to help our clients, friends, family and everyone we meet in becoming more open to gender expression as an element of sexual/gender freedom. The discussion elevates the possibilities for great sex and fulfilling erotic lives at any age. Iva is a rare example of someone who has walked the walk and openly shares their personal and professional views, their own journey and their unique wisdom in this episode.

Presenter Bio

Iva Veazey, (they/them) is a sexologist and Certified Sex Coach specializing in Gender, Sexuality, & Relationship Diversity (GSRD). They are also a Certified Performance/Musicians Wellness Coach and a certified meditation instructor. Their clinical process with clients is independence-oriented, empowerment-focused, sex-positive, gender-affirming and de-pathologizing. They work from a cognitive-behavioral, as well as a creativity-based, forward-thinking approach to developing a path toward a better sex life. As they share, “Whether it’s discovering gender diversity within, or allowing hidden fantasies to come out to play, my older clients have found a reawakening in their desires to experience and enjoy pleasure.” Coloring Outside the Lines is their favorite way of working with clients. To learn more visit the website: