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Episode 23: “Sexual Confidence & Longevity”

Episode 23: “Sexual Confidence & Longevity”

Episode Summary

In this riveting conversation, Erica and Dr. Patti talk openly about sexual wellness in later life. Erica’s book, “Feel Sexy Again: The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Your Sexual Confidence”, is a practical guide to feeling good regardless of your health challenges, body shape or chronological age. She talks about how she helps women to own their pleasure potential and express their innate sexuality by using her 8-step “Sexy Again” process, which leads women on a journey from feeling undeserving of being sexy to discovering new ways to find pleasure and, ultimately, to understanding and reclaiming sexual confidence. Erica shares with passion about her own life journey (this is one great story) and career evolution, in which she has helped her clients find their sensuality and sexuality as an integral aspect of their wellness. The range of topics includes the power of mindset, a discussion about HRT, and the intention for us to all own our sexuality. As Erica states, “It’s never too late to begin the life you desire.”

Presenter Bio

Erica Lemke-Pembroke is a certified life coach, licensed specialty certified new life story wellness coach, sex coach in training at SexCoachU, and the author of “Feel Sexy Again: The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Your Sexual Confidence.” Her book guides midlife women and beyond in discovering their most fulfilled selves, helping them get their sexy back. She holds college degrees in kinesiology, community counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family, and gerontology. She served an internship as a senior peer counselor in mental health, managing a senior center, teaching Zumba and becoming a functional fitness trainer specializing in working with people over 50. As she says, “I’m a fierce proponent of healthy longevity!” Two of her mottos are: “I will be as strong as I can for as long as I can” and “If it’s important, do it every day!”