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Episode 21: “A Career of Controversy: Founder of the Netflix of Sex Ed”

Episode 21: “A Career of Controversy: Founder of the Netflix of Sex Ed”

Episode Summary

This lively discussion is about sassy and wise aging. Dr. Mark Schoen is a luminary in the field of sex education. His long career spans decades, and his site,, is lovingly known as the “Netflix of Sex Ed”! We talk openly about our 30+ year friendship, what we have seen as changes in sexology over the years, plus our own views on sex and aging. In particular Mark shares his insights about what informed his views on sexual intelligence. His passion is talking about the lack of sexuality education in the U.S. and its negative impact on senior sexuality. Listen as we dish about high STD/STI rates among seniors, his work on “Trans the Movie,” and what’s new for his future contributions to sexual enlightenment.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Mark Schoen is the founder of, an online resource for streaming more than 650 sexual health films worldwide, 30+ of which focus on sexuality and aging. One of our favorites, produced at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in the 1970s, was “A Ripple in Time.” He has received many awards from national sexological organizations, including AASECT and SSSS. He himself has produced over 55 films, including the daring production based on his children’s book that talked openly about first words used for male/female genitals as parent-child sexuality education, “Belly Buttons are Navels”, and the groundbreaking/award-winning documentary “Trans the Movie” (featured on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2010 and the #1 LGBTQ film on Amazon Prime). Schoen has also produced other significant media, such as “Becoming Orgasmic” and “Game Face”, the latter of which can be found on Amazon Prime. An advocate for positive and accurate sexual information, he has been at the forefront of sex ed as a pioneer, a revolutionary, and a voice for sane approaches to accepting sexuality in all forms and dimensions, especially as we age. He also tells great jokes!