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Episode 19: “Living from an Integrative Life Coach’s Perspective”

Episode 19: “Living from an Integrative Life Coach’s Perspective”

Episode Summary

In this riveting conversation Archie Tullos, life coach and motivational speaker, shares his journey through life’s challenges–how his spirituality has saved him, what he had to do to overcome massive roadblocks, and why using his unique approach can help others to thrive. Archie is a dynamo! His courage, his story, his ability to boil it down to a simple code for a thriving life make this one amazing interview! As an Integrative Life Coach, he counsels individuals and groups, leading them to self love, to overcoming addiction, to forgiveness, through race bias and a myriad of other of life’s many challenges. Archie’s life-affirming and authentic style lift us up just hearing him, and going beyond his messages he sends lasting hope for a better world in today’s rough times. He loves to say, “I am first a spiritual heart-based practitioner, then a man of color.” His advice includes slowing down, accepting life as it is, and being quiet in the stillness.

Presenter Bio

Archie Tullos is an Integrative Life Coach. He likes to be known as the “People Whisperer, Mr. Archie Joel Tullos.” He counsels individuals and groups on a wide variety of issues, including Spiritual, Self Love, Addiction, Interviewing, Forgiveness and Presentational Selling challenges. He helps anyone struggling with race bias issues and create healing strategies. In 2020, Archie was asked to speak during numerous live broadcasts and platforms, including for Dr. Patti’s own online community. He can be reached at:; or