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Episode 20: “Touch To Improve Connection and Health”

Episode 20: “Touch To Improve Connection and Health”

Episode Summary

Touch is primal to our survival. It has both medical and mental health benefits. Touch connects you to yourself and your partner. Touch can be used as an effective mindfulness practice. In this dynamic and upbeat conversation, Linda Weiner and Dr. Patti deconstruct the elements within Sensate Focus, how it enriches the individual and couple experience, and why it is even more important than ever today. Linda talks about her origins in working with Masters and Johnson in the early days, how Sensate Focus played a key role then and can be applied now, and she shares about her book that brings the concepts of healing touch into today’s world.

Presenter Bio

Linda Weiner [MSW, LCSW, Diplomate in Sex Therapy] trained and worked at Masters and Johnson Institute in St. Louis and was an Assistant Professor at Washington University. Linda has presented nationally and internationally at various conferences, is a sought after speaker, and has been interviewed on numerous news outlets. Her YouTube channel shows her mastery as a sex therapist and touch advocate. Her work has spanned more than 30 years, leading to her expertise on sex and what she calls “Boomerism”. Linda is a sparkling speaker, and sheds light on the power of and need for human touch, using systematic methods for teaching ourselves, our partners and our clients. She can be found at: Her book, Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy is a must read for all therapists.