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Episode 15: “Sex Toys for Fun & Pleasure”

Podcast - Kim Airs v2

Episode Summary

Kim Airs is an internationally known pioneer in the sex toy, aka Pleasure Products, industry. She has been a voice for sex-positivity and knowledge about how sex toys and other enhancements can enrich a sex life at any age. As she says, “At 63, many of those my age have been in long-term relationships and are looking to spice things up. One of the easiest ways to do that is to add sex toys into the equation, which can be used at any age and with any medical or limiting condition. You can bring back the excitement of getting a new toy, no matter what age you are!” This lively conversation dives into the array of toys available for the older person or couple. In it we discuss ways to increase pleasure, solve some of the issues of aging that impede function or mobility, address low desire or lackluster techniques, and just plain let you enjoy the fun (and funny) information that Kim has to share.

Presenter Bio

2021 marks Kim Airs’ 28th year in the sex toy field. Kim has worked in every aspect of the pleasure products industry, starting as founder and owner of the award-winning store, GrandOpening!, when she left her job at Harvard to sell rubber dicks to girls. (And rubber duckies that vibrated.) Kim as been the resident sexpert for sex toy companies of every size, a large lubricant manufacturer, brand manager/trainer for a home party business, is a writer and blogger in the industry, and have been featured in countless media including a 1-hour special on HBO. Kim is as comfortable training a room full of M.D.s as she is with teaching a room full of sexual novices the ins and outs of sexual pleasure by using her boundless energy and infinite capacity for humor. Kim as her own entertaining OnlyFans site, at, you guessed it: Kim Airs. You can find her toys at: