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Episode 1: “Cannabis, Sexuality & Aging”

Your Boomalicious Life podcast episode 1 Dr. Norelyn Parker on Cannabis, Sexuality & Aging

Episode Summary

Having experience with painful conditions like TMJ Disorder and Lichens Vulvar Sclerosis, Dr. Norelyn Parker talks with Dr. Patti about her own healing journey. Her experience opened her eyes to how cannabis can not only play a huge role in the management of pain and sleep, but also contribute to the enhancement of pleasure. In the interview, Dr. Patti and she discuss how cannabis can play a positive role in sexual experiences with chronic conditions and as we age. This is an informative, in-depth and revealing interview about cannabis and its potential positive impact on us as Boomers.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Norelyn Parker is a graduate of Sex Coach U and is currently based out of Sacramento, California. She holds her PhD from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and her certification in Sexological Bodywork through the European Academy of Somatic Education (EASE). When Dr. Norelyn isn’t in front of the computer as Curriculum Coordinator for Sex Coach U, you might find her in a field of cannabis plants! Her journey with medicinal cannabis began when she sought out the healing properties for personal use when traditional medical treatment protocols weren’t enough and sometimes damaging. After finding relief from painful conditions that affected her sexually such as TMJ disorder and lichens sclerosis, she wanted to learn more. Over the last several years, she has had the opportunity to work in several facets of the medicinal cannabis industry throughout the journey from plant to product. She offers 1:1 coaching and consultations for how to bring the benefits of cannabis into your life.  Find her at:  for more information.