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Today is the day of a new dawn in American politics and perhaps in American life itself.

This election was a wake-up call to the divided and pained nation that is the USA. I did not vote for Trump, nor did a literal majority of the voters in this country; but I remain a proud American citizen. I give my support to the smooth and honorable transition of Presidential power; and I live with the hope that Trump will find his highest calling to do real good for our people of this nation. I also heed the call, stated by outgoing Clinton in her concession speech, to keep fighting for what we believe in.

From the origins of my 40+ year career span in sexology, I have and will continue to support sexual rights as human rights, be it a woman’s right to choose,  marriage equality, health care for those GLBT persons in need, or women’s rights to be treated as equals.

My only regret is that the glass ceiling of the Javitz Center was not broken free. Let the girls and women of today feel the power that Clinton’s run showed to them as a role model for female empowerment. I know my followers are mixed in their political views, as was shown by the election results last night.

Let’s unite together now, and as they say, “Keep calm and carry on!”.


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