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Crackle and Thwack – Poem

sea urchin

They twill and twitter in the thicket below,

thrashing at crickets,

noshing on seeds that toss cookies for balcony bits,

like crackers onto pebbled picnic baskets

or sniggering throws on icy crashing waves.


The Black snorts thrupples

as piglets rustle for snickerdoodles

in muddy middling passages;


Cormorants dive and poke beaks

into ever pounding tidal pools

of lilting, silting, brackened bottoms

before sniffling surfaces that echo tomorrows to come.


Antsy, I prance ever so careful

to toe touch and cavort;

a gaggle of geese honk and preen nearby,

to let me wield my whip of a tail

and levy its might on a majestic seashell

or an errant crabwalker

or a stupid screaming excuse for a boy

digging for worms in the passing parade beyond.


I yield

I hold my spiny end bit of a black shiny briny self,

and crackle and thwack.

I land myself a tasty bit for midday snack

out here in oceanic paradise cove.

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