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Acrylics, Jewelrymaking, and Nudes…Oh My!


Learning Acrylic Painting from Morris Katz

In the 1980s, while living as an adult in NYC, I took art classes. One class sticks out, led by a famous cable TV host, Morris Katz, who wrote the book, Paint Good and Fast. He taught his speed-painting technique in some evening classes at a city high school, showing us how to paint in acrylics with a palette knife and revealed his secret weapon for texturizing, which was (hold your breath now) crumpled up toilet paper!

He could create a landscape in less than 8 minutes. It was a hilarious night of comedy and paint!!

These are my two results, one a maple sugar house in Vermont and the other an ethereal sea interpretation. Notice that trees can’t grow inside the ocean, oh well! They hang in my home today.

Maple sugar house in Vermont, in acrylic - art by Dr. Patti Britton

Ethereal sea with trees, in acrylic - art by Dr. Patti Britton

Necklaces for Planned Parenthood Federation of America

In the late 1980’s as I worked as the Associate Director of Education for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, located near the famed “30 Rock” building in Manhattan. That’s when I learned how to string beads and make dazzling necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I wear some even today. There, in between the stress of a huge job in sexology with many hours demanding of my time, on the weekends I found solace and joy in crafting beaded jewelry. I’d wear some of those necklaces to work; and after some months of sporting this one and that one, staff kept asking me where I bought them. To my shock and surprise, I began making (and selling) necklaces for PPFA women, and here is a remnant of that era: 

P.S. I still make them now and then in craft groups with my current women friends. 

Nude Drawings Inspired by My Trip to Spain

Later in life, I studied art after becoming inspired by a trip to visit Valencia in Spain to attend the World Congress of Sexology. See, even work can be a blast? On the trip I flew first into Madrid, and of course I took the opportunity to visit the world class Prado museum. There I was taken aback by the array of artful depictions, the styles, the talent, the enormity of the collection that literally could take days to see in person. I was struck by the absolute wonder of what art can show us and how it can so profoundly evoke our emotions. I also found the magic of the light of Spain, noting the many great artists that it inspired to create masterpieces on canvas. I came back from that fateful trip in 1997 to California and enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute to study art, maybe as a career path. But sexology has always taken the front seat in my life, so art became my hobby and 2nd tier passion. I am showing you a few of the life drawings from that class, and yes, all of the models were magnificently stark naked. 

My Trip to France Led to My Erotic Novel

Next time I’ll talk to you about my trip to France, and the art that was inspired along the way, which informs my novel, The Adventures of Her in France: an illustrated naughty tale of a woman on a mission for art, travel and eros. 

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