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Dr. Patti Britton is a nationally board-certified Clinical Sexologist and world renown Master Sex Coach. She’s the author of hundreds of articles and five amazing books, a popular speaker to consumers, a seasoned professional to her peers, and host of 40+ DVDs for couples’ sexual enhancement. Her media record speaks for itself—appearances on over 200 television shows and as the featured guest on over 200 interviews for live talk and news radio. She’s a frequent expert for print media, with over 200 quotes in pop magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Glamour, Men’s Fitness, WebMD. Dr. Patti is a beloved guest on web summits on the broad topic of sex, love and intimacy. For two years Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert Dunlap hosted a popular weekly radio show with a focus on all aspects of boomer life, archived at:

Dr. Patti is in the very top leadership in her profession and is a well respected pioneering sex coach in the field of sexology: Dr. Britton earned a Ph.D. and Masters in Public Health, both in Human Sexuality. Dr. Patti is a Master Certified Sex Coach. She has stellar credentials including Past-President of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT); Clinical Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists; Diplomate, American Board of Sexology; AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator/Supervisor; American College of Sexologists; Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality; former Academic Dean/Associate Professor of Sexology, for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; and Adjunct Faculty at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS). In her capacity as professor she has chaired approximately 30 doctoral dissertations and serves as the expert chair/reader for doctoral candidates at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Saybrook and Pacifica Graduate Institutes. She has a private practice in the Los Angeles area and leads couples’ workshops and international professional training intensives each year. Dr. Patti is Co-Founder of SexCoachU, the world’s premier online credentialing and training organization preparing certified, competent sex coaches worldwide; and Co-Founder of SexologyU, a groundbreaking online platform to train and certify health professionals and healing arts specialists seeking sexology knowledge and skills for clinical application.

Each year Dr. Patti conducts professional trainings in the US and abroad, speaks at major consumer events, conducts media interviews, and appears on-camera for television, documentaries, webcasts and instructional DVD programs.

Dr. Patti believes that women and men have a divine birthright to experience their sexual power, eroticism and ultimate pleasure.

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Sexological Entrepreneur:

  • Nationally Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist
  • Certified Master Sex Coach
  • AASECT-Certified CE Provider and Sexuality Educator
  • Conducts private sessions for clients and educational groups
  • Faculty at Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology/Southern California
  • Co-founder & Faculty at Sex Coach U
  • Media expert
  • Consultant for sexual enhancement DVDs and independent projects
  • Clinical research
  • Professional trainings, workshops, author of four books and other writings in sexology
  • Product development and endorsements toward promotion of ultimate sexual health and well-being for men, women and couples worldwide; 1993-present


Deputy Director, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS): 1991-1993

Sexual Health Educator, Stanford University Medical School: 1991

President, Celebration Associates: National training and educational programs in sexual health and clinical sexology: 1990-1991

National Coordinator, CDC-funded “Teaching AIDS Training Project” at ETR Associates; 1987-1990

Associate Director of Education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America: 1981-1987
Prior work experiences includes positions in public health program management, education and advocacy



Ph.D. Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, California 1993
Masters in Public Health Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality 2010

B.A., Johnson College, Vermont 1971

Certified Safer Sex Educator & STD/AIDS Instructor

Certified Erotologist

Reiki Level II Practitioner

Feng Shui Certification, Levels I and II



American Academy of Clinical Sexologists (AACS): Fellow

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT): National Past President; Certified Sexuality Educator

American Board of Sexology (ABS): Diplomate

American College of Sexologists (ACS): Lifetime Certified Member & Advisory Board member

Feminists for Free Expression (FFE): Founding Member; Professional Speaker

Foundation for Scientific Study of Sexuality (FSSS): Past President

National Writers Union: Member in Good Standing

Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA): Member In Good Standing

Sex Coach U: Co-Founder and Faculty

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS): Member in Good Standing

Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS): Associate Professor of Sexology; Interim Academic Dean

Saybrook Institute: Adjunct Faculty

Pacifica Institute: Adjunct Faculty

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology/So Cal: Adjunct Faculty

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance: National Advisory Council Member

World Association of Sex Coaches: Co-Founder

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Academic Accomplishments

Faculty Positions

2007-2009: Adjunct faculty at The California Graduate Institute

2009-Present: Adjunct faculty at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

These are the doctoral dissertation committees on which Dr. Patti has served:

2015: Kevin Sweers: PsyD: Born This Way: The Lived Experience of Christian Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals in the Era of Proposition 8/Defense of Marriage Act and Ongoing Faith-based Discrimination Toward Sexual Minorities (pending completion)

2014: Stephanie Johnson: PsyD: Internalized Homophobia and Adult Attachment Styles: A correlation study of bisexual women

2014: Giselle Teller-Holt: PsyD: A Phenomenological Exploration of Compulsive

Sexual Behaviors as an Embodied Experience of Heterosexual Women

2014: Elizabeth Watt: PsyD: The Correlation Between Sexual Attitudes and Sexual Satisfaction

2012: Todd Petrowski: PsyD: The Relationship Between Sexual Activity And Subjective Well-Being In Older Adults

2012: Alana Marie Route: PsyD: High-Risk Sexual Behaviors Among Black Males with Multiple Sex Partners And Their Effects on HIV/AIDS Transmissions

2012: Tiffany Juterbock: PsyD: The Lived Subjective Experience of Married Couples that Partake in Bondage, Dominance, and Sadomasochism

2012: Marjan Bakhtyari: PsyD: Personality Factors In Infidelity In Iranian American Men

2012: Nadia Teymoorian: PsyD: The Application of Scheme Focused Therapy in the Potential Treatment of Romantic Jealousy between Couples

2010: Eric Walker: PsyD: Combining Outdoor Experiential Therapy With Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy For The Non-Residential Treatment Of Young Male Internet Pornography Addiction

2010: Zelana Montminy: PsyD: Happy Eating: An exploration of the association between happiness, optimism and healthful eating

2010: Lee Leibman: PsyD: A Jungian Oriented Treatment Plan for Veterans In Residential Recovery: Psychodrama utilization

2010: Yvette Andrizzi: PsyD: The Effect of Psychological Birth Order on Emotional Expression in Sisters

2010: Geborah Goldberger: PhD: A Study of Atypical and Aberrant Socio-Sexual Behaviors in the Lower Functioning Late Teen and Young Adult Male Population with Autism Spectrum Disorder

2010: Chuck Crook: PsyD: The Phenomenon of Self in Meditation and Psychotherapy

 2010: Shannon Chavez: PsyD: An Attachment-Oriented Psychodynamic Therapy Manual for The Treatment of Love Addiction

2009: Annie McElhinney Kirln: PsyD: A Treatment Plan For Elimination Of Sexual Compulsions Utilizing Attachment Theory And ETT ™

2007: DoJuana Hairston: Theoretical Treatment Model For Families Of Sexual Minority Youth; A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy And Strategic Family Therapy Perspective


Saybrook Institute: 2011-present

  • 2014: Nawachi Tafari: Doctoral essay: “Evolution of Sex Coaching”
  • 2014: Dana Waters: Doctoral Essay: “Levels of Relationship Satisfaction Associated with Sexual Emotions”
  • 2012: Alex Baker: Masters Thesis: “Sexual Wellness Enrichment and Enhancement Training Model: A modified mind-body skills group for adult populations”

Pacifica Institute: 2012-present

  • Susan Robertson: TBD

American Academy of Clinical Sexologists: 2014

  • Rhoda Lipscomb: PhD dissertation: ”The Clinical Mental Health Experience of Persons with Paraphilic Infantilism and Autoepiophilia: A phenomenological research study”

Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality: 1993-present

Associate Professor of Sexology and Interim Academic Dean

2014/2015 Cohorts:

  • Claude Cruz: on a new model for the SRC
  • Celina Mueller: on the impact of IASHS on the sex positive culture
  • Iris Bettan: on sexual values and issues among Orthodox Jewish culture
  • Valeria Chuba; on the impact of cuckolding on male sexual empowerment
  • Jane Guyn; on women over 55 and body image
  • Janet Morrison: on the impact of age-gap relationships with older women/younger male sexual partners
  • Norelyn Parker; on a new sexuality-inclusive model for resiliency training for military couples


Turen, Elise. Ph.D. 2006.   The Implications Of Internalized Transphobia For The Transition MTF Transsexual. [Dr. Patti Britton, Committee Member]

Bischof Guscetti, Karoline. Ph.D. 2004. Women’s Sexuality After Childbirth. [Dr. Patti Britton, Chair]

Berkowitz, Robert. Ph.D. 2002.   The Naked Television: The Sometimes Dysfunctional Relationship Between Sex And TV. [Dr. Patti Britton, Committee Member]

Mullin, Caitlin. Ph.D. 2002.   Voices In The Wind: South African Women Forging New Frontiers In Sexual And Reproductive Health. [Dr. Patti Britton, Chair]

Contessini, Claudia. Ph.D. 2000. The Therapeutic and Recreational Potential Of X-Rated Videos For Women: A Quantitative And Qualitative Study Of Australian Women Viewers. [Dr. Patti Britton, Chair]

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  • Editorial Board/ Section Editors for the International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality due for publication from Wiley-Blackwell (2010-)
  • PsychCritiques: Reviewer of critical sexology books and films (2007-10)
  • Penthouse Forum; Regular sex columnist; 2004-2007
  • Front cover blurb for The Heart & Soul of Sex; The Sex Bible, and other books
  • The Art of Sex Coaching, W.W. Norton & Co. Due out March 2005
  • Original material published online at and at (400+ articles); 1996-present
  • The Marriage Medics; Chapter on sex for couples;;  2004.
  • Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage, Alpha Books, 2003.
  • Foreword: Sexy Encounters, by Carole Pasahow, Adams Media, 2003.
  • The Adventures of Her in France, an illustrated, erotic novel. Leopard Rising.  2001
  • “How-To Sex Videos”; article in Libido Magazine. Spring 2000
  • “Women Who Make Porn: The Influence of Gender on the Content and Approach of Porn Videos”; chapter in Porn 101: Eroticism, Pornography, and the First Amendment. 1999
  • Leaders’ and Viewers’ Guides to accompany video, “HIV/AIDS: It Can Happen to Me…”; American Association for Retired Persons (AARP). 1996
  • “Smart Sex: Report on Sex Survey”; article in Penthouse Magazine. 1996
  • “Sex in the City”;  Sex & relationship advice columns for Manhattan Spirit, NYC weekly newspaper. 1994-95 (over 50 articles)
  • Comprehensive School Health Education Curriculum; 15 lessons, grades 7-12. State of Arizona, Department of Education. 1994
  • “Let’s Get Over It, Girlfriends…”; article in Adult Video News. 1994
  • “Sex, Love and Aging…Get the Facts!”; factsheet on sexuality and aging. AARP. 1994
  • Comprehensive School Health Education Curriculum; 60 lessons, grades K-12. State of Arizona, Department of Education. 1993
  • Feminism and Free Speech: Pornography; Feminists for Free Expression (FFE), New York. 1993
  • Comparative Quantitative Analysis of the Similarities and Differences in Female- Versus Male-Directed/Produced/Written Commercial Sex Films and Videos (1980-90); Doctoral dissertation. Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, California. 1993
  • “Education Through Ignorance”; Index on Censorship: The International Magazine for Free Expression (Vol. 22, No. 1), London, England. 1993
  • Talk About Sex: a booklet for young people on how to talk about sexuality and HIV/AIDS; Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), New York. 1992
  • Future Directions: HIV/AIDS Education in the Nation’s Schools; SIECUS, New York. 1992
  • Training Educators in HIV Prevention: An In-Service Manual; ETR Associates, Network Publications, California. 1990
  • “What is Safer Sex?”; article for California AIDS Clearinghouse. 1989
  • A Comprehensive Guide to AIDS Information: More Than a Hundred Ways to Teach About AIDS; Planned Parenthood Federation of America, New York. 1987

Numerous conference paper presentations, workshops, and quotes for articles on the broad topic of sexuality have been published as well.

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January 2015: Featured speaker at Sexual Health Expo, on “Helping the Touchless Couple Get Back in the Game!” 200+ attendees; featured host at table lectures; 2000 attendees

November 2002-2011
“Women’s Night Out”; Hollywood women’s comedy and talent cabaret; regular monthly guest speaker on sex topics for women, such as orgasm, new studies, oral sex, G-Spot, passion, etc.; 50+ attendees

April 2010 Young Professionals Organization/Women’s Group, Westwood; on female orgasm; 14 attendees

May 2006 Lake Arrowhead Resort, California; “Here’s to Romance…” workshop for couples at; 10 couples

December 2006 Lake Arrowhead Resort, California; “Here’s to Romance…” workshop for couples at; 12 couples

February 2006 Mensa of Los Angeles; “The Art of Touch”; “The Secrets of Lasting Passion”; 100+ combined attendees

September, 2005 Mensa of Orange County; “Tahitian Oral Love”; 75 attendees; “Secrets of Sensual Touch”; 100 attendees

June 2005 Erotica LA; “The Art of Touch”; 200+ attendees

July 2004 Learning Annex/San Diego; “7 Secrets of Fabulous Foreplay”; 8 attendees

June 2004 “Grand Opening” workshop on sensual touch; 12 attendees;
on Tahitian oral love; 12 attendees

June 2004 Erotica L.A. ; “7 Secrets of Fabulous Foreplay”; 125 attendees; “Sensual Massage Made Easy”; 60 attendees

June 2004 Learning Annex/San Diego; “7 Secrets of Fabulous Foreplay”; 12 attendees

February 2004 Learning Annex/San Diego; “Sex, Soul and Fantasies” on foreplay and erotic talk; 60 attendees

October 2003 “Erotic University” on sensual massage; 75 attendees

October 2003    “Malibu Naturist Center” on Tahitian Oral Love; 12 attendees

September 2003 “Grand Opening” workshop on Tahitian Oral Love; 10 attendees

March 2003 Costa Cruises; “Seven Secrets for Lasting Passion”; workshop aboard Costa cruise ship in Western Caribbean; 40 participants

February 2003 “Ruby Tuesday” Events; Venice, CA; wellness party/event; on eroticism; 200 attendees

August 2002 “Ruby Tuesday” Events; Venice, CA; “Shape Up Your Sex Life”; 200 attendees

July 1999 VSDA Expo LA, CA. Lecture on erotic instructional videos for couples; 30 attendees

April 1999 Erotica USA Expo; New York City; on tips for sexual success; 1500 attendees

July 1998 Lifestyles Annual Conference; on aphrodisiacs; 40 attendees

March 1997 Discovery Center on “Increased Sexual Satisfaction with Solo Sex: For Men”; 12 attendees

March 1997 The Eulenspeigel Society on “The Bridge Between Cross-Dressing and S&M/B&D Exploration”; 35 attendees

February 1997 Discovery Center on “Increased Sexual Satisfaction with Solo Sex: For Women”; 10 attendees

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Dr. Patti is a frequent and popular presenter at sexology meetings. Each year she leads 5-10 professional trainings in Los Angeles on Clinical Sexology and offers SAR programs both in Los Angeles and in select locations around the world including Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin and Warsaw so far. She is a sought after trainer, educator and speaker worldwide.

  • 2007-present    Various teaching and training roles have included:
  1. Co-Founder, Curriculum Development, Faculty for Sex Coach U
  2. Chicago School of Professional Psychology/Southern California: 2007-2011– Director of Sexuality Track toward Certification in the Treatment of Sexual Disorders//2011-present: Adjunct Faculty–Courses have included: SAR, Overview of Human Sexuality; Sex in Cinema; Sex Therapy Methodologies and Techniques; and Sexual Treatment Practicum; Human Sexuality course for Somatic Psychology Department//Dr. Britton serves as Committee Chair on multiple doctoral dissertations in the broad field of sexuality and psychology (also Doctoral Committee member at Saybrook and Pacifica Graduate Institutes)
  3. 2012-present: Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality: Co-Director of the California-state-approved Certificate program in Sex Coaching; teaches various courses and participates in ongoing research projects; Interim Academic Dean
  4. Trainer for Institute of Sexual Health for Sex Addiction Specialists on Healthy Sexuality (2009-2010)

Conference presentations:

  • 2014 August:  Sexual Freedom Summit. Woodhull Alliance event. On cross-cultural perspectives using erotic art. 20 attendees
  • 2014 July:  SAR in Los Angeles, CA.  12 attendees
  • 2014 June: Training on issues in sexology: IASHS SF, CA.  25 attendees
  • 2014 June:  AASECT Annual Conference; Erotic Art presentation; 30+ attendees; Panel presentation on Extraordinary Sex Therapy: 150+ attendees
  • 2014 May:  3-day Clinical Sexology Skills training in Warsaw, Poland; 18 attendees
  • 2014 May:  SAR in Warsaw, Poland; 15 attendees

2014 May:  3-day Clinical Sexology Skills training in Warsaw, Poland; 18 attendees

  • 2014 April: SAR in Berlin, Germany; 12 attendees
  • 2014 March: SAR in Los Angeles, CA; 18 attendees
  • 2014 Jan/Feb: SAR in Vancouver, BC, Canada; 12 attendees
  • 2013 October: Clinical Sexology Intensive-11 attendees ; SAR in Culver City, CA—24 attendees
  • 2013 “Writing Sex For Success” workshop; Miami, FL. 34 attendees;
  • 2013 AASECT: “Wounded Healers” workshop; Miami, FL. 160 attendees
  • 2103 Chinese Sexology Conference on “Sex Coaching Models for Female Orgasm” ; Dong Guan, Southern Province of Guangdong Province, China
  • 2012   AASECT Annual Conference/Austin, TX: “Pathways to Sexual Healing”;  Panel Presentation on “Holistic Model for Sex Coaching”; 200+ attendees
  • 2011  AASECT Annual Conference/San Diego, CA: “Views From the Cyber Frontier”; 35 attendees
  • 2011    World Congress of Sexology: Glasgow, Scotland—Panel Presentation on “The Use of Sex Coaching In the Treatment of Pre-Orgasmic Women”; 200+ attendees
  • 2010    Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality/Palm Springs, CA—Western Regional Symposium; Moderator for Plenary on sexual orientations
  • 2009    “Brown Bag Party”/Irvine, CA: On the top sexual issues and resolving them in your home party business. 100 attendees.
  • 2007    World Congress of Sexual Health/Sydney, Australia; “Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker~ a sexual iconography”; 100 attendees
  • 2006    Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality annual meeting; “Monogamy Vs. Polygamy” moderator; 120 attendees
  • September 2006    Canadian Sex Research Forum; “The Art of Sex Coaching”; invited keynote speaker; 30 attendees
  • June 2006    AASECT annual meeting; “The Art of Sex Coaching”; 2-hour workshop; 125 attendees
  • May 2006    Brown Bag Party; “Sexuality—What You Need to Know”; for Home Party Consultants”; 35 attendees
  • January 2006    ICF Special Interest Group: telecourse on “Sex Coaching vs. Therapy”; 12 attendees
  • October  2005    ICF/Virtual Community; telecourse on “The Art of Sex Coaching”;  20 attendees
  • May 2005    AASECT annual meeting; “Advanced Media Training”; 25 attendees
  • February 2005    Lecture at Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality on “The Art of Sex Coaching”; 30+ attendees
  • February 2005    Presentation to the CMSA-SCC on “Helping Couples Find The Spark Again: What You as a Case Manager Can Do”; “65+ attendees
  • May 2004        AASECT annual meeting; “Prep for the Media”; 25 attendees;
  • May 2004      “Got Touch?”; 125 attendees
  • June 2003    AASECT annual meeting; “The Making of a Sex Documentary”; 20 attendees
  • May 2002    AASECT annual meeting, “Video Festival—On your own viewing”; Panel presentation, “The Aftermath of Terrorism on Americans’ Sex Lives”; 100+ attendees
  • June 2001    World Congress on Sexology/Paris, France: “The Personalization and De-personalization of Sex in Explicit Videos”; 250 attendees; “Kivin method for female oral stimulation”; 60 attendees
  • May 2000    AASECT annual meeting; “Nite at the Movies”—annual media review of sexually explicit videos; 275 attendees; presentation on fundraising for FSSS Board; 12 attendees
  • November 1999    SSSS/AASECT joint annual meeting; presentation on  videos for couples; 200 attendees; presentation on website/erotic confessional; 55 attendees
  • February 1999    Professional training/Board development for Foundation for  Scientific Study of Sexuality; 10 attendees
  • February 1999    Lecture at Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality on “Sex on the Net: Sexual Help Sites”; 35 attendees
  • November 1998    Presenter at SSSS/AASECT annual meeting; on “Sex On the Net…”; 50+ attendees
  • July 1998    Presenter at the World Pornography Conference; on sexual enhancement videos; and “Women Who Make Porn…”; 100+ attendees
  • February 1998    Presenter at Pomeroy Lecture Series at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; “History of the Phallus”; 30 attendees
  • November 1997    Presenter at SSSS/AASECT annual meeting; on sexological issues in working with transgendered persons; 50+ attendees
  • June 1997    Presenter at the World Congress on Sexology/ Valencia, Spain; “Sex, Truth and Videotapes….” On sexual enhancement videos; 350+ attendees
  • April 1997    Keynote speaker at the Eastern Regional Meeting of SSSSS; on “Sex on the Net”; 100+ attendees

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