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sea urchin
Crackle and Thwack – Poem
Here is a new poem, inspired by a new writing assignment (using many consonants) and still inspired by watching "My Octopus Teacher"....yes!
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Sexy Single Senior Series: Across the Plains (poem)
This is a recent poem from the Sexy Single Seniors series. Enjoy! You may find it familiar... or not!
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The Lost Girl Found: A Tale of Love
“What’s the matter with you, my darling one?” she coos into my face. “I cannot see my way, I tell her. I am holding my breath and my chest is filling up with grief, becoming so heavy I can
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Acrylics, Jewelrymaking, and Nudes…Oh My!
Learning Acrylic Painting from Morris Katz In the 1980s, while living as an adult in NYC, I took art classes. One class sticks out, led by a famous cable TV host, Morris Katz, who wrote the book, Paint Good and
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Dr. Patti’s Art
Welcome to my art projects. I began making art as a child, always pushing some form of crayon, or pen or metallic ink with a brush for a drawing or painting or even assembling papier mâché objects at a
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I love to travel!
I love to travel! Maybe it’s related to my background of being Daughter #1 in a 5-sister family, the children of an immigrant father, with an international exposure from birth. I spoke 3 languages in high school and my
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