If your partner cheats on you, get to the root of the problem before you pack your bags and book a flight to Somewhere, USA. It’s not always D-day (divorce), but it could be a serious wake-up call to do something about it.

Inspired by preparing for “The Other Half” show, here are ten reasons why men cheat and what it means for his partner:

1. He has a drinking problem. Get him into AA or other help before you give up.

2. Sexless marriage; you and he haven’t done the monkey since you can remember when and it makes sense that he is straying to get his needs met. You can change that as a couple or accept it.

3. He may be acting out of compulsive sexual behavior. One is not enough, not even five a week. He has to keep seeking the thrill of a new lover or get off on the chase. Bad scene here, one worth fighting over until he gets professional help, or you quit.

4. Too much stress. Okay. Who hasn’t experienced this lately? But going out and cheating? Not a very good excuse, fella.

5. The “other woman” syndrome is real. Maybe he just needs to be lured by her, can’t help himself, he tells you. Forget about it. Either use self-control or use control on him.

6. SSDD. The good old Dr. Patti standard…Same Stuff Different Day, sexual boredom. If you two don’t come up with some variety both of you are going to look outside for stimulation.

7. It’s o-v-e-r. Yes, this could be a sign that it’s time to pack your bags and change-of-address cards are in your horoscope.

8. He is using the act of seduction of another woman to show his power and control…over her? Well, if so, show him your power over him and let him have it or show him the door.

9. You got married as virgins, first-timers, and he’s burning with curiosity to know if it’s different with someone else. This is something that plagues many couples and can easily be overcome with explicit videos. If that urge doesn’t abate, get some counseling and consider opening up your relationship to accommodate this option.

10. There are real sexual (or no-sexual) problems in your relationship, such as ED, or ejaculation control troubles or the woman cannot reach an O. He may feel better finding sexual satisfaction outside the relationship to “prove his manhood” as he doesn’t feel that way at home. Get some counseling with Dr. Patti on the telephone to work this one out. (This is addressing a male/female issue of she’s not having an O, as most men do find reaching O a relatively easy task. It’s reaching O too soon that plagues most men who seek help.)

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