This is an article from Your Sex Coach Express 2002:
The Wish Dish, an activity for couples:

I often recommend that a couple who is stuck in the lack of sparkle in bed is stuck because they don’t know (a) what else to do sexually; or (b) what their partner might like to try. To facilitate both, how about getting a Wish Dish set up in your boudoir tonite? Have a little dish that’s just for this purpose, or a bowl, or box. Set it by your bedside as a reminder that your possibilities for sexual pleasure are going to come from these ideas. Put a beautiful pen and paper, like neon post-it’s, index cards, fine stationery or a paper cube, next to the Wish Dish. Then, each day or whenever the mood strikes you (but at least once a week) write down one idea for bringing more romance, fun or lustful escape into your sexual exchange with your lover.

If you don’t have a lover, use yourself as your own playmate.

Examples: Let’s rub down each other with vanilla lotion tonite before we go to sleep (“Vanilla rub down”), no holds barred; or let’s watch that erotic movie that Dr. Patti told us about, even if we’re really tired (“Erotic Flick”), we can watch a little and get some new ideas; I am going to splurge and buy some Vitabath and take a 15 minute hot bath tonite, with candles in the room and relaxing music playing before I masturbate “Candle lit Bath time”)…. you get the drift, don’t you? Making an intention to boost your sexual time alone or with a partner will go a long way toward increasing your sexual satisfaction, quality of time spent, and even your health status. Let us know what you put in YOUR Wish Dish.

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