Wishing you a romantic, love-filled day (and whole lifetime) of nothing but the best that your sexuality and your emotional self can manifest for your well-being. I love this day! I am not a big fan of commercial holidays, but a day that celebrates and focuses on the power of LOVE is a day to support! Love is a verb. Not a noun. It’s something you send out, receive, engage in the process of sharing and bathe inside of…like floating in a golden bath of light or water, we all can benefit from the powers of love. Valentine’s Day (despite the legends and origins) is a time to take care of your own self-love, love for a mate or beloved, and the essence of being alive. I like to send myself a valentine each year or buy a special momento. I keep a smile on my face each Valentine’s Day, recalling the times when I was a little girl and worked for days and nights the week before VD, gluing, cutting, designing to make my own red-paper-and-white-lace hearts-shaped cards for those boys in my classes who evoked warmth in my heart (and maybe elsewhere)…Those special playful and hopeful times are the times we all long to reconnect with and feel once more. I send you that feeling today! Feel happy, feel love for yourself and those in your own personal life, and know that you are loved.

With love and light, Dr. Patti

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