Secret to more sex: Stop calling him Honey

If you’re used to calling your sexual and/or romantic partner a nickname like “Baby”, “Honey”, or “Sweetie” it might be time to reconsider. Grace Jennings-Edquist, a blogger in Australia looked [...]

Mirror Activity

Set aside at least one hour to conduct the Mirror Activity. This self-viewing exercise is one you can do alone or with a partner. Couples sometimes discover hidden secrets about the other that [...]

Valentines Day Coupons…

If you are in a relationship, here’s a little tip to prepare for the big V.D. celebration of love, passion and romance. Even if you’re not tied at the hip to a Significant Other at this time in [...]

Sensual Touch…

This article is from Your Sex Coach Express 2003. Last month we focused on the Touch Continuum, showing the five levels of touch -- from healing to affection to sensual to erotic then [...]

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