Mirror Activity

Set aside at least one hour to conduct the Mirror Activity. This self-viewing exercise is one you can do alone or with a partner. Couples sometimes discover hidden secrets about the other that [...]

War’s Influence on Our Thinking…

If the constant barrage of "bad news" about war is getting you down for sex, read on. In these difficult times, many couples are feeling pressured to be sexual when all they really want to do is [...]

CNAC Solution for Couples…

We are going to focus on a process which I often recommend for couples, which I term the "CNAC Solution." What's that? C for Communicate, N for Negotiate, A for agreement, and C for compromise.

Erotic Speaking Styles…

Maybe you are trying to "talk dirty" with your man and can't find the right words of are gagging at even the mere thought of how to open your mouth and say them. It could be that you are [...]

Processing Your Emotions

“Processing Your Emotions” by Dr. Patti Britton [This is modified from the landmark best-selling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, by John Gray, Ph.D.]

On Relating

I’m working with a client right now, we’ll call him Ben. He’s a single male in his fifties, who lives in an urban hub, who has a pretty lousy track record with women. He hired me as a sex coach [...]

On Being A Liar

I often coach clients, especially those is shaky relationships that lying in any form is a no-no. Why is that? Because trust is the foundation for all intimate relationships, plain and simple. [...]

On Being Nice

I often get amused when I’m working with couples at what they think is the root of their sex problem. It’s usually not the mechanics but something deeper in how they treat the other person. [...]

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